Alexander Andreevich Svechin “Strategy” |

The work of Alexander Andreevich Svechin “Strategy” was first published in 1926. And soon it was subjected to destructive criticism and was sent for a long time into oblivion, like all of Svechin’s work. But it stood the test of silence and subsequent negligence.

And today the “Strategy” remains a powerful source for the development of creative strategic thinking, despite the large, largely unforeseen, changes in the environment and content of human life, the well-being and security of which increasingly depend on the validity and implementation of appropriate strategies.

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The Right to Oxygen | Sergey Kurginyan

If we allow the final mutation of capitalism and the victory of the mutacapitalism which will fully outline itself on the other side of this final mutation, then we will have to say goodbye to humanness itself. We will have to come to terms with the construction of hell on Earth, a kingdom of lawlessness, a kingdom of absolute evil. Hitler had already tried to build this kingdom once. But, all of his exquisitely sinister inventions will look like innocent mischief once the final capitalist mutation will come to pass, and all that this mutation will beget will materialize. Only decades are left.

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Dugin’s Guideline – Pathogenic – Russian society

How should the fact that 100 years ago, a group of fanatics with very dubious maniacal totalitarian ideology seized power in the Russian Orthodox Empire? How the Bolsheviks were able to carry out large-scale genocide of the Russian people, cut at the root of the aristocracy, to destroy the Church, to send intellectual elite philosophical boat, to destroy the peasantry, to drive people over the barbed wire? How was this possible? As we made? Who is to blame? And what to do about it?

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Dugin’s Guideline – The revolution of 1917

Many talk about the need for reconciliation of white and red. I’m sorry, but this question is completely irrelevant and far-fetched. No red, especially whites, today, no. There is a gray, generally have little understanding of ideology and the creative class – mostly blue or rainbow colors. A red and white no. There is only sluggish them simulacra. So this topic in this expression it is better to postpone. To reconcile, it is necessary to have both. And since they are not – maybe by the way, and well, there is – and there is nothing to invent. But to understand the meaning of what happened in 1917 is necessary.Seriously and without hysteria.

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Dugin’s Guideline – The day of memory of victims of political repression

But we can and should remember the victims of repression. And not only the innocent but the guilty. Because red is only half of our Russian society of the 20th century. The second half is white, or at least not red. And here they knew what going to a Martyr’s death for Christ, the king, the Empire and the people. And they fell for their ideals. And if it is also our ideals, and if for us the suffering and death of millions of people is not an empty word, the memory of a martyred by the Bolsheviks should be sacred for us. And the names of executioners we have no right to forget.

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Toward a Fourth Economic & Environmental Policy

Global Capitalism is nothing more than plunderocracy, and so it must be destroyed and replaced with a more natural and honest system. Marxism and fascist-corporatism have long since failed to rein in (let alone destroy) the Big Moneyed Beast. Eurasianist applied economics is the only viable system that can potentially defeat Finance Capitalism globally.

Therefore, immediately upon the establishment of the Eurasian State, vital industries necessary for the people’s basic survival shall be nationalized. These industries include: energy, communications, water, other utilities, public transportation, and the healthcare/medical professions – essentially all industries vital to the basic welfare of the State and its citizenry. For the sake of maintaining a healthy economy, a central bank will be established.

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Geopolitics of Perestroika and the Collapse of the USSR | Alexander Dugin

The disintegration of the USSR signified, from a geopolitical point of view, an event of colossal importance, affecting the entire structure of the global geopolitical map. According to its geopolitical features, the confrontation of the West and East, the capitalist camp and socialist one, with its core in the USSR, represented the peak of the deep process of the great war of the continents, a planetary duel between the civilization of Land and the civilization of the Sea, raised to the highest degree of intensity and to a planetary scale. The entire preceding history led to the tense apogee of this battle, which received precisely in 1991 its qualitative resolution. In this moment, together with the death of the USSR, the collapse of the civilization of Land was realized

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