Riyadh in the Yemeni Missiles’ Line of Sight | VIDEOS

In a statement published Monday morning, the army and Ansarullah ballistic unit assured that the Saudi capital is now within the reach of Yemeni missiles.

“The first ballistic test against a military target in the satanic Saudi capital was successful,” said the Yemeni ballistic unit.

“The shooting of the ballistic missile is in response to the continued Saudi-US aggression, its massacres, and its tyrannical embargo against our people suffering a humanitarian tragedy, under the eyes of the International community”

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The war in Yemen. March 2016 | Colonel Cassad

The Houthis continue to fight successfully against the regular units of the Saudi coalition, parts of collaborators supporting ousted President Hadi and mercenary units, which the Saudis purchased for the Yemeni war. Major military operations are in the North-Western parts of the country near the border with Saudi Arabia and directly in the border provinces of Saudi Arabia itself.The attempts of the Saudis to bring the border under control, and even to the onset of the MIDI failed – Saudi infantry just worse than Yemen and even modern technology does not help (see next defeats the Saudis in the video below), so the Saudis clumsily take it out on civilians filling up with bombs and missiles of the city controlled by the Houthis and military support of former President Saleh. To the South of Sana’a, the main fighting go about the city of Taiz, where troops of the interventionists in the last 2 months has already suffered heavy losses and the Hussites in General own initiative.

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