Losses at al-Bab | Colonel Cassad

Remarkable statistics on the subject of the loss of the Turkish army under al-Bab. According to the cited statistics, the Turks lost during the fighting to the West of al-Bab and the hospital on the Western outskirts of the city destroyed, damaged and captured by the Caliphate – 10 tanks “Leopard 2” and 1 M60 tank and 4 armored fighting vehicles.

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The Caliphate and the “Leopards” | Colonel Cassad

In the course of fighting for al-Bab, Turkey not only lost a few tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. In addition to destroyed tanks and APCS, the Caliphate was reported that during a counter-attack with the use of suicide bombers killed about 70 militants the free Syrian army and Turkish soldiers and taken as trophies 2 of the tank “Leopard 2”, 1 BMP and 1 bulldozer.

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The hunt for the “Leopards” | Colonel Cassad

Terrorist group “Islamic state” (prohibited in Russia) has extended footage of the three attacks against the Turkish Leopard 2A4 tanks for the past two days near the Syrian town of al-Bab. The first was shot down on 12 December 2016 from ATGM TOW-2. At the same time Turkey has officially recognized the loss of the tank and injuring all four crew members. Two Leopard 2A4, standing in the same position, was shot down West of al-Bab on 13 December 2016, both rockets were fired allegedly from ATGM “Competition”. From the first Bang of the ATGM were badly damaged, but not burned. The second was destroyed. Official information from the Turkish side about the casualties has not yet been received.

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