Alexander Dugin: Settlement of the Karabakh conflict unprofitable for the globalist elite

In my opinion, the decision on the five regions gives us a partial solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. And the resolution of the Karabakh problem strengthens the positions of states, and not only Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia, but also Turkey, creates a system for a balanced and balanced model of geopolitical stability and security in the South Caucasus, and accordingly, freedom of action for “chaos sellers” is reduced. That is, in fact, the model of geopolitical coexistence between Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia and Iran is disadvantageous only to those who are not on this list. We, as neighbors, can not get anywhere from each other. And we will always live in the same space

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Alexander Dugin: Aliyev made Azerbaijan sovereign

Azerbaijan during the reign of Ilham Aliyev became a full-fledged, strong, wealthy and established sovereign state. This is a rare case among the states of the post-Soviet space, since not all have managed to cope with the fact that they truly ensure the sovereignty and development of their own country.

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The ideology of the new paradigm | Mark Sedgwick

In 1999, I thought that Dugin was exaggerating, but now it looks increasingly as if he was right. Guénon, like Marx, was more interested in meta-analysis than in day-to-day politics. Marx surveyed human history in the long run, looking at it in terms of economics, and focusing on the ownership of the means of production. He saw the struggle between labour and capital as the key dynamic of his own time.

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Erdoğan and Putin and Alexander Dugin | Avazturk

The meeting to be held on August 9 that is very important in terms of the interests of the two countries, is a start, but also the beginning of a very challenging struggle. After this stage, the healing of relationships to try to prevent the American forces of the struggle will be the beginning. When it is brought to the best level of relations as in the case of Serbia, the CIA got caught in its relationships with the underground work. Turkey – Russia relations prepared for these obstacles and move forward to the end of the case you need to be careful.

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Trump and the new geopolitical map | ALEXANDER DUGIN

Trump represents a deviation from the main line of American policy.

In this sense, he is an unexpected candidate, a candidate who does not represent either a republican or a democratic party, as they existed during the last 60-70 or even 100 years. He is largely inconsistent, but nevertheless the algorithm of his election campaign was expressed in the model of realism in International Relations.

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Anthropological moment in human history | ALEXANDER DUGIN

More general consideration of the future. The mankind is approaching the singularity moment when Artificial Intellect will equal or more strong to the human one. Technically it is almost done and quantum computer and the progress in the neuro-networks is amazing. So we need to concentrate once more on the deep anthropology, on the question what is human? What that means now? And specially in front of Artificial Intelligence. That is the main challenge. The Artificial Intelligence and post-humanism (aka trans-humanism) is the logical step in the ideological triumph of liberal ideology based on the identification of human being with individual.

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