The end of the cleavage left – right ? |

Populism is not an ideology, it is, therefore, intrinsically neither right nor left wing, but it may depending on the circumstances display elements ideological considered to be of the right or the left. As wrote Pierre-André Taguieff, who is based on an analysis of the political scientist rennes Yves Mény, in his book entitled ‘The revenge of nationalism’ (published in 2015), the populist movements appear when political parties do not respond to a strong demand for a substantial part of the people.

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The End of the Modern World: Interview with Alain de Benoist

The popular classes are not only exasperated by the “way in which the city is managed.” They want to end administrative management, that is to say end the power of an expertocracy that pretends political problems are only technical problems in the final analysis (for which there only evidently exists a single rational solution) and who seek to seek to turn the governing of men into the administration of things. They realize that “governance” is only a means of governing without the people. What Vincent Coussedière called the “populism of the people” which is nothing other than a demand addressed to the politicians to actually practice politics in place of sticking to management.

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Dugin’s Guideline – Modern populism

The people as a political concept appears today as an opposition to liberalism. The liberals are screaming about fascist or Communist-fascist threat. They can not understand the essence of the populist moment, and interpret it through the prism of the old clichés. That’s why they lose. Therefore, they are doomed. And yet the left and the right agree that it is only a moment. That is, a limited period of time, a quantum of historical movement. Will the People and, consequently, populism, turn into a system, a program, a strategy, or be only a temporary correction in the way of liberal globalization? No one can say.

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