The murder Boronenkov | Colonel Cassad


There was video of the murder Boronenkov caught by one of the security cameras.

Parsow approached Voronenkov and the guard almost came and opened fire at point blank range.



A certificate issued by the National Guard of Ukraine Parchowo Pavel Alexandrovich, who on March 23, shot dead the former Deputy Boronenkov in the center of Kiev.

Confirmed that he is more year, was in the Donbas, taking part in punitive operations. The junta has change shoes in the jump and said that, Yes, was, but the fighting did not participate (the time where his old bullet wound in the stomach) and even then was recruited by the Russian intelligence services. Gerashchenko in terms of replication of delirium as usual fails.


The murder of Denis Voronenkov was committed by a citizen of Ukraine Parchovymi Pavel Alexandrovich, born in 1988, native of the city of Sevastopol, an agent of the Russian intelligence services.

During his life, Paul Parsow never officially traveled outside Ukraine.
But in February 2015, he crossed the border of Ukraine after having walked through one of the checkpoints on the border with Belarus.
In Russia, where he stayed before getting to Ukraine, he passed a course of special training school for spies established in the times of Stalin’s NKVD.
He was tasked to infiltrate one of the units of the armed forces or the National guard, preferably with a big name in the public consciousness and to pretend that he was an ordinary soldier.

Healthy, strong young man, a citizen of Ukraine, successfully completed the task of the Russian special services and the year served in one of the units of the National Guard.

In the fighting did not participate.
Resigned in August 2016.

Then waited for the command to act from Moscow.
Yesterday, he got it, and today fulfilled, taking with him to the grave of Denis Boronenkov.

The consequence checks all the circumstances of the preparation and organization of the murder of former State Duma Deputy, a citizen of Ukraine Denis Boronenkov. Since the murder of hours the result already known a lot.
Hard revision will undergo the validation criteria for admission to the APU, the National guard and other law enforcement agencies of Ukraine on the possible involvement of Russian secret services.

Since it is not known yet how many Pavlov Parchevich send us in recent years, the Ukrainian security services, the police, National Guard, Armed forces and other authorities.

And how much more trouble they can bring our long-suffering Ukraine, ranging from attacks against prominent journalists and politicians, up to the sabotage of transport and military facilities.
But we’ll soon find out! – zinc

PS. The last phrase seems to hint that soon someone else will be killed. You may not like the MP Ponomareva (two members in a row that would be too much), and some blogger or journalist Kiseleva there or Just Vova (hehe). Because the intensity of the hysteria must be maintained, otherwise people will be all the more determined to pay attention to the bills for communal and state of Affairs in the social sphere and the economy, not to mention the flow of coffins from Donbass and fireworks in balakliia.

And as we know beforehand if someone is killed, it is by order of the Kremlin, of course. And how can you doubt, if you believe Gerashchenko that the spies of the FSB has taken the Ukrainian authorities and security forces and if something happens, anything, it is undoubtedly the machinations of enemy agents, and as some think, Poroshenko too, the agent and the agent Tyagnibok and Yarosh agent, and Tymoshenko agent, and Savchenko so do not agent, and the torpedo Putin. Easier to list those who the agents are not ranked. And these people still have something to talk about spy mania in the Soviet Union.

Separately pleased with the references to Stalin and the NKVD school, where supposedly trained killer Boronenkov. Reached cursed Stalin to the Deputy defaming the high title of Communist.



Stauffenberg was Right!

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