Thus began the Russian spring… | Colonel Cassad



Video posted by Gennady Oak on the third anniversary of the beginning of Russian spring in the Donbass.


Much of course went as it was seen in the early spring of 2014. Republic are still in limbo from the economic dependence of Ukraine began only relatively recently and endless trench warfare continues to collect their bloody harvest. Many good and decent people died, and the Republic paid the ultimate price for his disobedience to the fascist junta.

But the main result of those events, is obvious enough. The Pitmen then openly and strongly stated his firm no to the Nazi coup in Ukraine, and embarked on independent decisions of their own destiny. This path was much harder and longer than the one that passed the Crimeans and Sevastopol, but the more valuable their choice for which they are fighting for the past three years, more than anyone has earned the right to decide their own fate. Yet that is the way of unrecognized States, but I hope that sooner or later they will be able to achieve that took to the streets in the spring of 2014.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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