Negligence and panic | Colonel Cassad


By evening, the fire and explosions in the warehouses continued but less intensively than in the first half of the day, when it began to explode missiles. There are separate reports indicating that suffered and underground storage.

A large part of the stored on the surface of the ammunition destroyed by the fire and detonation. Losses can be calculated by destyakov thousand tonsAP, repeating the story of the explosion of a warehouse in Lozova in 2008 that exploded due to the seemingly random arson debris. Losses in Balakliya for the potential of the APU is still to be evaluated, but apparently they will significantly exceed the damage from the explosion in Svatovo.


Interesting video from Balakliia, where local residents share impressions of the event. Remarkable point is the testimony of a man closer to the end of the video, which says that the cause of the explosion was the negligence of the Ukrainian military, as well as the subsequent story about the panic in the warehouses and in the city, before the start of large-scale detonation of ammunition.

To better understand the scale of what happened – the last stage of liquidation of consequences of explosion of ammunition depots in Lozova (which contained about 90 tons of ammunition) in 2008, began only in March 2017.

Accordingly, it is possible to assume that complete elimination of all consequences of the explosion in Balakleya will take several years and require hundreds of millions of hryvnia. For example, in 2011 the total amount of financing of liquidation of consequences of explosions in willow reached 77 million (at the old rate) and each subsequent year to this figure was added another 10-20 million.


According to official data evacuated about 20,000 people + a significant portion of the residents evacuated on their own (that is confirmed by the witnesses, indicate improper operation of the local emergency) . By the morning of 24 March, the explosions in warehouses continued, but their intensity is lower than yesterday. Remain and pockets of fire. Maybe next week will start some work on elimination of consequences of the disaster. In the warehouse district already has a group of engineers, but in the hub they are obviously not yet going. The city is patrolled by reinforced police to prevent looting.

PS. According to preliminary estimates, the explosions in Balakliia could reduce the current inventory APU ammunition for specific items of arms by 25-30% and this will have long-term implications given the comatose state of the Ukrainian defense industry, which will not be able to promptly compensate for such losses.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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