The Great Metaphysical Problem and Tradition | Alexander Dugin

Within the Abrahamic line religions there is a kind of hierarchy that allows you to distribute them according to the criteria of immanentism and transcendentalism.

The religion, which can be called a religion par excellence, is, of course, Judaism. And especially, the form of Judaism, which developed after the arrival of Jesus Christ, after Judaism rejected not only the person and mission of Jesus, but the principle of the immanent God, Emmanuel (which in Hebrew means “God with us”). The abyss between the Creator and the creation in Judaism is maximal, and generally the concept of creation itself, “creationism”, is of Jewish origin. Judaism embodies abrahamic apophaticism and carried up to its logical extreme.

Christianity of the Abrahamic context is the opposite pole of Judaism. Of all religions, Christianity is the most cataphatic, gnostic and esoteric. The central figure of Christianity is God the Son, in the religious level, replaces the metaphysical principle of pure being. In a sense, early Christianity actually coincided with the Jewish esotericism, including many aspects of various Jewish teachings – essens, merkaba gnosis, etc.In addition, it was at the same time jewish, beyond religious and universal gnostic, as evidenced by the words of St. Paul concerning the rank Melkzedec which embodies the supra-Abrahamic aspect of tradition (recall that Abraham offered tithes to Melchizedek as the highest!), and a high priest which is on the order of Christ himself.

Finally, Islam is located between these two opposite abrahamic poles, on the one hand, tending to the Christian perspective, and on the other hand, stressing God transcendentalism, and even more radically than Judaism (“Say: Allah is One, God eternal, not begotten and not generated, and there is none like Him”). In addition, all the esoteric Islam – Sufism, Shi’ism, etc. – particularly stresses the principle of immanent divinity. Sunni Sufism argues “the light of Mohammed” as the central reality, immanent in all of creation, the light of pure being. In Shi’ism this function is performed by the “imam” or “Imamate light”, so sometimes it is even about “the divine nature of the holy Imams.” And in extreme versions of Shiism – Ismaili, alavizme etc. -.. The concept of an immanent divinity is contracted to the person Qayyim, eschatological Imam, the “perfect child”, which is considered there is a secret order to all creation, that approaches not only from the Christian perspective in general, but the most esoteric and Gnostic aspects of Christianity.

But now it is important especially pay attention to the fact that religion, based on apophaticism, only implicitly reflect a metaphysical perspective that stands at its center. Therefore, while remaining within the framework of religion, even the Gnostic-oriented, we deal only with objects of faith, and therefore gnosis is still incomplete, and the principle of the immanent God, is likely to be applied to some inner modality, and not to the pure being. This means that, if the esoteric religion is not continually adjusted inwardly by esotericism, its central object inevitably slide down the ontological hierarchy, becoming an idol, a fetish. Thus a symbol of pure being may inseparably merge with manifest the First Intelect, then with the “world soul” (Anima Mundi) and, finally, just a corporal logic unit of the cosmos. These steps can easily be seen in the historical decline of Western Christianity, which in its theological doctrines, and especially in the concepts of some of the more or less contemporary Christian sects which sequentially moves the person of Christ down through the ontological hierarchy, until the proclamation of Him as a simple (albeit excellent) man as in some currents of Protestantism.

At the other extreme of abrahamism, in Judaism, are also there is no guarantee from falling into idolatry: first of all, metaphysical nothingness within religion is also projected on the inside the ontology and only symbolically act in his reality. This logically leads to the case of loss of the secret  to corresponding proportions – such a secret need to belong to the sphere of pure esotericism. And secondly, when the principle is considered extremely apophatically, it will sooner or later begins not taken into account, be deemed simply non-existent. This may give rise to the illusion of inevitability, and the sufficiency of specific environmental material protection which does not simply mean idolatry, but a grave shape of – consumer materialism.

So both abrahamic poles in case of loss knowledge of the relevant proportions are fraught with the transformation into a perverted parody not only on tradition as such, but also on religion itself in its true and traditional sense.

As for Islam, it is in the middle abrahamic scale, it has some immunity and from one and the the other and from the possibility of distortion. Islam is more religious and less gnostic compared with Christianity, and thus it is stable with respect to the dangers of excessive and unauthorized immanentization. On the other hand, it is less religious than Judaism, and hence, it is less likely to irreversibly split the source and as result falling thereby into practical materialism and abstraction that murder the very spirit of the religion.

Yet the solution of the great problems about the meaning of the emergence of being on a religious level is impossible. It belongs to the field of esotericism, which means that even to formulate this problem adequately, it is necessary to go beyond abrahamism, bringing, like Abraham himself, symbolic tithes to whose God that bears the name “El Elyon,” “Most High God”, ie. e. God that is greater than and superior to all other gods.

Resolution of this great metaphysical problem is connected with the the esoteric mystery tradition, which is based on symbols drawn from a variety of sacred contexts, but it is beyond the scope of these forms. The moment of the final choice made inside this tradition, should logically coincide with the most critical point of the existence of not only the earth’s traditions, but also the whole of being.

In accordance with the Islamic doctrine the Prophet Muhammad was the last of the prophets, the latest installer and reformer of the traditional law, “the seal of the prophets.” But Shiite esotericism states that at the end of the cycle should appear the last of esoteric interpreters of Revelation, “esoteric seal”. With he and his companions, all the the metaphysical significance of the question about the meaning and purpose of the secret origin of being is restored according to the side of the limitations inherent in the traditions and religions, firmly established in the proper metaphysical perspective.

This eschatological theophany significantly affect all religions and traditions, revealing their hidden kernel.

But the main role in this eschatological event is assigned to Christianity – the tradition of carrying the key to the mystery that exceeds even the great and comprehensive silence.

3 responses to “The Great Metaphysical Problem and Tradition | Alexander Dugin

  1. A very plausible argument for the origens of Christianity, is that it was an imperial propaganda project of the Flavian emperors to subdue the rebellious Roman provinces like Judea. After all, Flavius Vespasian was the Roman commandor that ended the Judean rebellion after a war that ended in the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem by the Romans. The Roman Judean historian Josephus Flavius, a Judean general that was taken prisoner by Vespasian, prophetically predicted that Vespasian will become the Roman emperor. It is very likely that Josephus histories were used by himself or the authors of the canonical gospels and Acts, to create the story of the peaceful Galilean messiah who meekly turned the other cheek and loved his enemies so that the Romans can collect taxes in peace. It takes much less effort to subdue rebellious people with religious propoganda than physical force.

    What started as an imperial propoganda project to subdue the Judeans became very useful to later Roman emperors, the Holy Roman Empire and all the European and Slavic kings to control their own followers. Monotheism implies one priesthood, one religion. It is more difficult to politically control multiple religions and priesthoods of polytheism. Below follows a quote from the author of the articles linked below, Cliff Carrington: “Because of the total control over the literature and ideas of the past centuries the Church has had it its own way. The Christian story has permeated the Western civilization to such an extent that even non-believers are affected by its literature.”

    Also “The first thing the early Church did was to eliminate its rivals. What they did was to destroy any alternative views expressed in literature and replaced them with their own story. The ‘orthodox’ Christians borrowed the best from their opponents, and then tried to destroy all trace of them. This applied not only to the Jews and Gnostics, but also their brother, unorthodox, Christians. The major problem with Christianity is that its highly successful early literature is often at odds with its later developed dogma.”.

    From For a short summary of this idea read

    If we accept this as a plausible reality, would it not be a much more interesting project to investigate the pre-Christian roots of European and Russian people (the Germanics, Slavs, Celtics, Romans, Greeks etc.). In fact, all religions of cultures that were replaced by the imperial religions of Christianity and Islam, which are both rooted in Judaism, the religion of the “Chosen Race”?

    There are many parallels between the current Anglo-American empire which are similar to the Greco-Roman Empire. In both of them, Jews played a big role as advisors and financial funders of presidents and emperors. The Romans from the Flavian emperors onwards, as well as later European Kings, used Christianity as an imperial / national propoganda machine to control the populace. The Americans uses Christianity as well as atheistic scientific-capitalism propogated from TV pulpits and by the western mass media to control their populations and sanctify the mass murder of foreigners for geostrategical control of planetary resources to enrich the 1%.

    By clinging to Christianity as the only way “moral” way to explore and celebrate the Great Mystery, western man is kept in religious chains which ultimately serves the designs of greedy and fearful earthly masters. How can you defend yourself against agression if your religion tells you to turn the other cheek? Survival instincts will kick in, people will defend themselves and kill others in the process only to leave them with a moral hangover after breaking one of the highest laws of their god. Christianity always leads to hypocrisy. The missionaries of Christianity were always closely associated with the colonial conquest of European empires. A far better project for western man is to explore their ancient religions and cultures and to modernise it in a way to suit modern culture.


    • There is more than enough evidence of a Jewish Christianity that preceded the Pauline Christianity of Rome, that the “Romans invented Christianity” thesis cannot account for. The Book of Revelations itself (the most Jewish part of the New Testament) is full of viciously anti-Roman symbolism that is hard to explain as coming from some Roman Imperialist inventor.

      Furthermore there is no evidence at all that the myth of the pacifist Pauline Messiah ever had any currency among the Jews it was supposedly invented to pacify, as the era of Christ was shortly followed by the most terrible insurrections in Judea, indeed one of the reasons there is so little real history of that era is that the entire country was depopulated and largely destroyed.

      Furthermore the idea that the European Kings and Emperors used Christianity to “control” the populace ignores the fact that Christianity was an eternal wellspring of Religious Uprisings, Heresies, and Schisms that was continuously threatened the civil peace of the Roman Empire and Europe.

      (Also, you are verging into classic Anti-Semitic bullshit here, when you scapegoat the “Jews” for the failures/crimes of white civilization. Find some other line of argument, or you will risk banning, because I do not tolerate the Anti-Semitic disease in my comments section.)


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