The explosion of the ammunition dump in Balakleya | Colonel Cassad


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 According to the Ukrainian authorities, sabotage and the ensuing fire led to the detonation of the largest ammunition dump in balakliia.
According to current estimates, between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m., in one of the storage zones 122mm and 152mm artillery shells originated fire, which led to a series of powerful explosions.

The fire and explosions lasted until the morning. Initiated the evacuation of 15,000 people from Balakliia and surrounding villages, some residents evacuated on their own, leaving the village beyond the lesion, so at least a few days to be in Balakliia be dangerous.

Regarding the cause of the explosion, three probable versions:

1. Diversion.
2. Violation of safety regulations.
3. A self-arson.

In the first case, if it really was sabotage, it can only be happy for the fighters of the invisible front, which caused significant damage to the APU for one single share in the spirit of undermining warehouse in Svatovo.

In the second case, the conditions of storage of ammunition on the surface was far from normal and regular explosions and fires on the Ukrainian warehouses stretched from the time of Kuchma.

In the third case, we can talk about the cover up of illegal arms, when using arson to conceal a significant shortage related to the sale of munitions abroad (e.g. in Syria).

The military Prosecutor Matios about the explosion in balakliia.

Of course, some specific versions to speak while early. Also it’s hard to judge what was the damage, but judging by what was burning and exploding from the night, it will be significant.
Created a special Commission to investigate the causes of the incident, which included Groisman, representatives of the armed forces, etc.

UPD: For 10 hours out of the affected area evacuated more than 16,000 civilians.

What are the warehouses in balakliia?

It’s an old Soviet military storage facilities for ammunition, where in addition to land stores, there are underground tunnels.
At its peak, the warehouse can store several hundred thousand tons of ammunition.

Learn more about warehouses, storage conditions and military units to protect them, can be read here

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