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Briefly about the decision of the Kiev Council and statements in Parliament on the issue of necessity of the resignation of Poroshenko.

1. The key thing to understand is that the source of power of Poroshenko is not the “Ukrainian people”, but the good will of his foreign masters. If he is more or less satisfactory to the President Washington, he will continue to sit (at least until the end of the term) as President of Ukranaine. If he loses “credibility”, in this case, we will see a change of government through early elections or street protests, or through both. As an example we can recall Saakashvili, who had lost confidence and was replaced by more appropriate characters, and lost the trust he was unable to return until now. Hence, and this lebetina Poroshenko, Klimkin and other shoblu before trump. They understand that their future depends on it “good will”, as it is, States are the main guarantors of legitimacy. Kolomoisky wanted to challenge this legitimacy – he was contacted by the U.S. Ambassador here, and benny is forced to go to give Poroshenko.Therefore, they need to give him all sorts of attentions and studiously pretend that support for Clinton it was a minor misunderstanding, because there is a risk that trump will want to shuffle a set of puppets in the Ukraine and Poroshenko, among them will not appear. Whereupon is support there – VR for impeachment did not vote. But if no support, then there is the different variants with Saakashvili, Yatsenyuk, Avakov confirmed or Tymoshenko, but it does not depend on them.

2. As the political opponents Poroshenko are not happy with this situation, they always complain of corruption and authoritarianism Poroshenko, and recipients to these complaints are not in Ukraine. In fact, they try to motivate Americans to reconsider their choice.

Knowing that the real legitimacy in Ukraine is external legitimacy, the whole audience is fighting for the right to be the first to fall at the master’s boot, which chased them away Poroshenko. The current attempt to put pressure on Poroshenko not the first – we may recall the attempts Kolomoisky and “referendum Yarosh,” and “March of the battalions on Kiev”, and “total blockade Semenchenko”, and “3rd Maidan, Tymoshenko” and much more. Why all these attempts fail and why is likely to fail this time? The initiators are unable to convince Americans that they are better than Poroshenko. For various reasons, but I can’t. And if you can’t, then go to “new Maidan” no, and the military and political resources to overthrow Poroshenko in a crawling position of global hegemon, have a similar audience there. Maidana by themselves happen only in myths and legends of the celestial hundreds. So, in the end, it all comes down to the issue of the steam whistle and attempts under the guise of such accusations, to promote the topic of early elections, where the position of Poroshenko will weaken in a natural way. But even early elections to push they can not. What can we say about impeachment.


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