We cut all ties with Ukraine | Colonel Cassad


Tyrion Lannister

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Zakharchenko at a press conference declared that the NPT breaks economic ties with Ukraine and declares a blockade.

The final break of economic relations of Ukraine and the DNR will lead to catastrophic consequences for Kiev. This was stated by the Head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko reporters today.

“We Ukraine, in order to survive and live a normal life, not need. We needed her, he said. — Let them cover everything: the highway, railway, mine field. Is that the Ukraine is able. They 2014 learned to ride on the Maidan, and now let them learn to live without light, heat, and soon, without food, without pay and without pensions.”

At the moment we cut all ties with Ukraine”, — stated the situation, the Head of the DNI.

We will remind that on February 27 the head of DNR and LC Alexander and Igor Zakharchenko Carpenter demanded from Kiev to stop the blockade of Donbass until March 1. In connection with the failure of the Ukrainian government demands of external management was entered by 43 enterprises Ukrainian jurisdiction.Among the objects of management such industrial giants as yenakiieve steel and its Makiivka branch, Khartsyzsk pipe plant, Zaporizhia Ferroalloy plant, dokuchaevsky flux-dolomite plant “Concern Stirol”, the enterprises of DTEK, “Donetskstal-Metallurgical plant”, the mine “Komsomolets Donbassa” mine them. A. F. Zasyadko, Zuevskaya TPP.
As stated yesterday the leader of movement “the Ukrainian choice — the Right of the people” Viktor Medvedchuk, with reference to the calculations of the Federation of metallurgists of Ukraine, the blockade will lead to a reduction of $2.5 billion of foreign exchange earnings to Ukraine. Budget of Ukraine will lose about 2.5-3 billion UAH. In addition, the termination of coal supplies from Donbass forced Kiev to enter for a month state of emergency in the power sector. A number of the largest enterprises in Ukraine were stopped.

https://dan-news.info/politics/zaxarchenko-rekomendoval-ukraine-nauchitsya-zhit-bez-light-i-nalogovyx-postuplenij-iz-dnr.html – zinc

PS. In fact, we continue to see a further breakdown of economic ties between the LDNR and Ukraine, which secures the gap of military-political. The Republic, with the support of the Russian Federation continue its separation from Ukraine under the actual course associated with the construction of the unrecognized state formations.
Regarding the problems along the way, they are obvious and inevitable. The gap of economic ties is a painful blow, and the LDNR. Certainly, not all businesses will survive the process and disruption of existing economic relations and not everyone will be able to refocus on Russian economic channels. Someone will lose a job, taxes will come not at once, corruption has not been canceled, and oligarchic influence in the republics to clean and clean. All this is true. But it solved the problem. The main thing else – we see that we made a strategic move that has long been needed to be done and which will be long-term and systemic consequences. Those who are concerned with the fate of republics have been waiting for this step for almost three years. On the one hand, it is possible to grieve on the fact that for so long I had to wait, but on the other hand, a lot went wrong, not as we would have liked in 2014. Most importantly, in my opinion, this step is finally done. But the difficulties Donbass have learned to overcome more than anyone, so I am sure that the difficulties associated with the mutual blockade will be overcome, building a future separate from Ukraine.


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