The storming of Mosul | Colonel Cassad


The progress of the assault on Mosul in a dynamic gluing map from the reports of the ISW with 16.10.2016 for 21.06.2017.

CampaignforMosulMay12-21JUN 2017HIGH-01


When the assault began, it was assumed that the militants would not make it to the end of June, but nevertheless, the city continued fierce street fighting accompanied by a massive destruction and more victims among militants and Iraqi military and civilians. It is Obvious that the assault on Mosul was one of the most bloody battles of the last decades.

Historical sites West of Mosul destroyed in the fighting.

French journalist Veronica Robert lost in the final stages of the assault on Mosul

Base humped minaret of the mosque An-Nuri.

In recent days, fighting has been reduced to the attempts of the army to move through air strikes destroyed the quarters of the Old City. The streets are usually blocked by artificial barricade or the rubble of destroyed buildings. This part of the city is very heavily mined, there snipers actively work + continuing suicide attacks, although their intensity fell slightly (run out of explosives, and the machines on the ruined streets can use more problematic). Due to underground utilities, militants carried out attacks in already cleared their blocks and attacking the Iraqi military and police.However, part of the old town they have already lost. Estimates of the Iraqi military in the ruins of the old city is from 150 to “several hundred” fighters, which hold 30 to 40 percent of the old city. At that rate, reach a maximum until mid-July.

Plus yesterday was an attempt to break into the city from the West, which bogged down on the outskirts of West Mosul. Reminded of last year’s attacks on the Caliphate of Tikrit and Rutba. The attack was supported by militants from the Central parts of the city who tried using underground utilities to disorganize the defense of the Iraqis. The operational implications of this of course will not have fighters rushing to the constrictive space of the old city and the Kotel to the West of Mosul, so the attack will be repeated, but the strength to deblokady Mosul they of course not. The only question is the timing and the number of victims.However, the continuation of the resistance fighters holds down considerable forces of the Iraqi army, preventing her from more actively liberate desert areas to the West of the country where there is some lack of power. These also are the Kurds preparing for the referendum on secession from Iraq, and the Iranians, who are using their proxies to take control of the Syrian-Iraqi border.

American rockets found at one of the warehouses of the Caliphate in Mosul.

It is not without acts of extrajudicial killings of Shiites over Sunnis was observed detachments of the Iranian “proxy” and Iraqi units. The ethno-religious nature of the conflict, who have long fueled the Americans, now turns the opposite molecular terror. To curb this reaction is the opposite of violence, the Iraqi leadership yet.

Report of the Caliphate in the 8th month of the assault on the city. 690 dead soldiers, 2 tanks, 45 Humvee, BMP 5, 13 bulldozers and 29 different armored fighting vehicles and carts, 26 drones, 3 helicopters. Quite modest compared with the winter numbers, when the account of the destroyed equipment was in the hundreds.

The Iraqi army, by great sacrifices, has acquired a unique experience of the storming of cities, which obviously will be studied and the military of other countries, as the months-long campaign perfectly demonstrated all the difficulties that may be encountered during the assault a large settlement more or less a modern army. Smart will learn from the mistakes of the Iraqis, the Iraqis have to learn on their own.

Nevertheless, with all the problems, the capture of Mosul brings the defeat of quasi-state structures of the Caliphate.

What about comparisons with the 1945 I think while in a hurry, but in the medium term, it is pretty obvious that the Caliphate will be destroyed. The fall of Mosul is one of the most powerful attacks on this ugly offspring of radical political Islam. Plus it’s worth noting that the Red Army is putting the final point in the fate of the Third Reich, spent a few months at a sweep of the city, and liberated Berlin in less than a month. On the one hand it tells us about the strength of the red Army and the weakness of the Wehrmacht in 1945.On the other hand, in the case of Mosul, this can be interpreted as the relative weakness of the Iraqi army and the power of the militants in the organized defense of large settlements that have already been demonstrated during the assault on Ramadi, Fallujah, Manuja. Mosul and raqqa just logically extended that chain. But with all the successes of the insurgents in the defense, remember the defense not won the war, and wherever they rested to the limit, they end up lost. They lose and in Mosul, and in Rate, and in Deir ezzor. It’s a matter of time.

Below, photos and videos of the final stages of storming the Old Town.


I Wonder how many years these children will take up the gun and find yourself on one side or another in a local war?

Stauffenberg was Right!

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