Meeting in Antalya | Colonel Cassad


In Antalya, Turkey hosted a meeting of the chief of General staff of Turkey, USA and Russia.

The chief of Turkish General staff Hulusi Akar, the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the U.S. army Joseph Dunford, and chief of staff of the armed forces Valery Gerasimov met to discuss the current situation in Syria and Iraq and the upcoming action on those TVD.

At this stage, there are a number of important issues, where the parties to clarify their relationship, like more efficient war against the Caliphate and the delineation of spheres of their interests.
In Iraq, in spite of the successful storming of Mosul (liberated part of the district government on the West Bank of the river), a very important question, which will be directed the main force of the Iraqi army after Mosul campaign. Russia is interested in entering the Iraqi troops on the Syrian-Iraqi border, which among other things will allow to send to Syria an additional strength of Iraqi Shiites (Iranian lines) for the liberation of the Eastern regions of Syria, as well as to limit the flow of arms and equipment from Iraq to Syria (which is in 2016, the year created for SAA significant problems in the area of Palmyra and Deir-ez-Zor).

C6TAodRXQAASVF5.jpg large.jpgThe offensive of the Iraqi army in the South-Western part of Mosul. The airport is already fully stripped, the city was taken in a dense ring, the militants despite stiff resistance, close to the old town.

C6LucuBU4AErCzM.jpg large.jpg

After the Mosul, Daesh must be stripped from the boiler to the West of the city.

Turkey, in turn, seeks to pursue an independent policy in Northern Iraq, where it maintains its military presence and conducts a separate policy with the Kurdish government Barzani, in which it sees convenient alternative to the PKK, which operates from Iraqi territory.
USA, in turn, seek to bring to a logical end the campaign against the Caliphate and thus to strengthen its weakened position in the region, while limiting the opportunities of Turkey and Russia.

The advance of the SAA to the North of Dayr-Hafir to the Euphrates. The Caliphate predictably took the troops to the South.

After the establishment of the demarcation line with the Kurds and access to the Euphrates, the SAA will obviously commence operations in the occupation of Deir-Hafer and southward, with the aim of creating preconditions for the offensive in raqqa province.

In Syria the main issue is the situation in the Northern areas of the country, where, after the fall of al-Bab, the situation has deteriorated around Manuja. Turkey was originally set to take Manbij, but after the emergence of the plan for the transfer of territories to the West of Manuja under the control of the SAA, several changed position, saying he did not mind if Manbij will come under the control of Assad.The Kurds of SDF/YPG their vision – they do not mind to convey to Assad territory to the West of the city to SAA became a buffer between Kurds and Turks, and he Manbij the Kurds want to retain, referring to the aid the us-led coalition, which sent their troops to the West Bank of the Euphrates, and began to expand to the North of Manuga to cover him from potential offensive of the Turkish army from Dzharablus.


A U.S. air base South of Kobane.

Russia in this situation, advocates of Assad, bargaining for a new territorial gains in Northern Syria and striving to achieve interaction between Assad and the Kurds to pull the Kurds out of a too strong alliance with the United States. At this stage, the Kurds have already passed the Syrian army three villages to the southwest of Manbij, but fully buffer zone is still not formed. While to the West of Manbij fighting continues between the Kurds and the FSA, where both parties bear the loss in killed, wounded and prisoners. There are losses in clashes between the SAA and FSA.

C6TXUutXQAA_hZN.jpg large.jpg

The advance of the “Ahrar al-sham”, the FSA and Turkish army on Arimah.

Turkey in turn expresses the claim that it is not enough control it is under control of fighters of “Ahrar al-sham” and the Free Syrian Army. Turkey has repeatedly stated that he will try to avoid actions that may lead to complication of relations with Russia. It is not excluded that will be implemented option to compromise on Manuja. SAA will cover it from the Turks from the West. US cover from the North, and in Manbij will be formally demonstrated to the American and Russian presence, which will allow Erdogan to save face, while the Kurds of course anywhere from Manuja will not go away

C6TLdWWWMAAWFVv.jpg large.jpg

American troops North of Manbij.


To the North of the city operates the 75th Ranger regiment – iment-hits-ground-syria-raqqa-offensive/


Turkish convoy South of Dzharablus.

It also requires clarification of question by taking Raqqa plans for the assault which the United States announced in January 2016 and predposlyki what systematically created the last months, when the offensive SDF/YPG with American help, was allowed to leave the immediate outskirts of the capital of the Caliphate. Erdogan proposed to reduce support for the Kurds and to bring Turkish army to the assault on Raqqa, but Americans to this idea are cool. The United States and Russia in the assault on Raqqa also raised, but because of the problems of the current White House administration, direct cooperation has a number of pitfalls, especially because of the SAA at the moment, even to Tabqa not reached.

C6TPK-BXMAAIM6e.jpg large.jpg

In addition to compressing the circle around Raqqa, the importance of withdrawal of the Kurds to the Euphrates between Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor, making it difficult for the Caliphate logistics, and can create the preconditions for liberating Deir-ez-Zor.

Accordingly, the situation requires clarification of positions and a compromise incorporating new spheres of influence of the parties in Northern Syria, which will serve as the basis for the spring-summer campaign of 2017. Remarkable point is that these issues are discussed without the representatives of the SAA, the FSA and Kurds, and solved their external patrons, which more than demonstrates the international character of the conflict.

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