The battle for Mosul. April 2017 | Colonel Cassad



Trip to the Western part of Mosul, which is already liberated from the militants of the Caliphate. We can estimate the size of destruction caused by the bombing by U.S. aircraft and the subsequent street fighting.


Plus street fighting in Mosul since mid-April.

C-oQBVbUwAAe-xl.jpg large.jpeg

The storm itself still comes down to the painfully long sweeps of neighborhoods in the North-Western part of the city with slow but inexorable progress. In the optimistic scenario, this will be done by May. In the pessimistic one, it will until July be delayed (repeating the scenario of Sirte, the last pocket of resistance on the coast was finished after 3 months), although with the exhaustion of ammunition and explosives for the attacks of suicide bombers, the resistance of the fighters will weaken.

PS. Yesterday in the Mosul area from the Americans, one 200-th.

PS. On the title pictures, the onset of “Hard-SHAABI” to the South-West of Mosul.

What war without carpets.

Iranian jeep peacefully side by side with “Abrams” and various Soviet designs.

Another one.

The militants in Mosul.

The military police of the USA in Mosul.

The American mortar.

Bronetechnica Caliphate preparing to attack near tal-Afar.

The shaded face in Mosul.




Stauffenberg was Right!

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