Mosul. Moments of the war | Colonel Cassad


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Briefly Mosul.

1. In the center of the city was discovered one of the largest graves of victims of the Caliphate.


Near Mosul, where now is the operation against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), discovered the largest mass grave in Iraq. Presumably, it four thousand bodies.

According to the Telegraph, a huge crater is in the area Haspa near the road that connects Mosul with the Iraqi capital Baghdad. ISIS terrorists killed by Iraqi security forces, captured in 2014, and dumped their bodies in the pit. As locals told, murder in Haste began six months after the capture of Mosul by militants in summer 2014.

Eyewitnesses reported that most of the victims of the militants was shot. Before the pit started to dump body, the size of the hole was more than 400 meters. One of the witnesses of the events of those days named Mahmoud told me that once he was made to watch the execution of two thousand military and police. On another occasion, Mahmoud saw the funnel dropped the bus with the Yazidis, reports RIA Novosti.

By June 2015, the fighters piled into the funnel debris concrete walls and cargo containers and covered all of the earth. zinc

All this in a reduced scale similar to the situation in the USSR, when the Red Army moving to the West, gradually found various traces of the monstrous crimes of the Nazis in the occupied territories. With the Caliphate about the same story – the burial of the martyred victims of the Caliphate were found in the area other major cities freed from the power of “black”. And there is a persistent belief that this is not the last scene of a mass murder that will be found. According to rough calculation, starting in 2014, the occupied black land was executed tens of thousands of people.

2. In Mosul DAESH killed a fairly well-known Kurdish reporter Shifa Gardi, who had issued a decent amount of good content from the front line.

3. The offensive on the Western part of Mosul is developing quite successfully. Established control over the Mosul airport, although from the statements of the propaganda of the Caliphate, the fighting there is still ongoing.. the Enemy is pushed out of the villages and military camps to the South of the city, after which he moved directly into high-density housing, where intends to continue organized resistance. Simultaneously, continued fighting in the desert southwest of Mosul, and West of it, in the district of tal afar, where Shiite militia “Hashd SHAABI” repel the attacks of the troops of the Caliphate seeking to break through the corridor to the West of the city, which has already led to multi-week fighting and significant casualties on both sides.

Despite the losses of the Iraqis and the stubborn resistance of the enemy, the strategic position of militant groups in the Mosul area continues to deteriorate. Yes, they cause significant losses to those advancing and defend to the death, but they cannot reverse the current trend, and in March, or at least, in early April West of Mosul should be freed. At the moment there are according to various estimates from 550 to 750 thousand people still in the city.


, the Iraqi Offensive West of Mosul.

After being hit by ATGM.

The explosion of a Humvee after being hit by bombs dropped by the drone of the Caliphate.

The Infantry Of The Caliphate.

The fighting around tal afar.

Animal rescue in Mosul zoo.



The suicide bombers. All already went to look for the houris.

The Caliphate-aircraft gun firing.

Attack Of The Mi-28.

The Bombing Of Mosul.

The drone attacks of the Caliphate.

Fire on the drone.


Iraqi SWAT

snipers Iraq South of Mosul.

Flowers from the locals.

The funeral of daughter.

The consequences of the explosion of the suicide bomber.

Promotion of Iraqi troops through the village to the South-West of Mosul.

Wall painting in Mosul. Terrorist in mask with a knife threatened the Coliseum.

American forces in Mosul area.

An American base near Mosul.

Military advisers from the 82nd airborne division of the US army to help in the attack of the 9th mechanized division of the Iraqi army.
Here read more about the participation of the Americans in the battle for Mosul.

Colonel in the 82nd airborne division.

Interview with an Iraqi sniper, a veteran of 5 wars – the Yom Kippur war, the Iran-Iraq war, Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, the Gulf war and the current one.
According to statements, during the war destroyed 321 militants of the Caliphate in may 2015. – a CNN report about the actions of American troops in the Mosul area

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