Populism, sovereignty and meme on Putin: in the head of the Italian rossobruni | VICE

In modern times, the greatest ideologue of this thinking current is Alexander Dugin. His declination shifted the focus from the “third way” to transforming the ideological background into a metaphorical cauldron-shaped cauldron in which it ripples a bit of everything: esotericism, theories of the new right, realistic socialism, aesthetic elements of economic discourse Marxist. The resulting chaos has drawn political forces from every corner of the spectrum, right and left, identifying a common enemy in the United States – as a country and as a civilization – and in liberalism as an ideological, moral and (only sometimes) economic.

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The Second Humanism | Alexander Dugin

The second humanism draws attention to the fact that the subject (cogito of Descartes) is not an immanent given, but a concept associated with a certain culture and, accordingly, with παιδεια, that is, educational and scientific practices. Here science comes to the understanding that the dismantling of medieval dogmas has led to the emergence of a new dogmatism – the dogmas of the Enlightenment – the subject, object, reality, matter, cognition, rationality, progress, history, etc. So the prerequisites are laid for what later turned into Postmodern, which, as we shall see later, was, in fact, a false start.

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The Pluriversum and the Geopolitics of the Night | ALEXANDER DUGIN

What is unconditional in monitoring the state of the present unipolarity is its subjective assessment. It is unanimously pessimistic. Even if the view that liberal democracy is the lesser of evils still prevails, today, in the absence of a formal opposition, the emphasis shifts from the word “less” to the word “evil.” A unipolar status quo is recognized by the majority of humanity, but the same majority sees the situation in alarming tones. Important: what is, no longer causes enthusiasm and, on the contrary, awakens more fears, fears and unpleasant surprises. Yes, the world is as it is, but it is some kind of a wrong world, standing on the verge of something terrible. The subjective factor has in society, in civilization a huge (if not decisive) value. If we treat an event as a success, it will be a success. If as a failure, it will be a failure. The unipolar moment today is almost unanimously qualified as a failure, as an end, as the threshold of a catastrophe, although – if we ignore the subjective assessment – everything in the world is built in the way or almost as planned by the liberals and supporters of the global victory of the West. The victory was achieved, but it turned out to be quite different than expected.

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US Senate Wants Stricter Authorization for Use of Military Force in Syria | IJR

Members of the Senate Foreign Relations committee met Tuesday morning to discuss repealing the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Force (AUMF) and replacing it with one that covers U.S. military action against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

“This is one of the most important responsibilities we’ve had,” said the committee’s top Democrat, Ben Cardin (D-Md.), who argued that the 16-year-old authorization “is being used well beyond what Congress intended.”

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Failure in Daraa | Colonel Cassad

Today after the artillery barrage and the new airstrikes, the assault team went on the attack and initially achieved considerable success, capturing a military base West of Daraa, upon which to conduct operations towards the Syrian-Jordanian border, which threatened to jeopardize the supply of fighters in Daraa.

Militants carried out a competent regrouping, repelled the attack of the SAA in the city counterattacked and captured SAA base, knocking out the soldiers who were forced to withdraw to their original positions.

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Russia intercept two US aircraft over Baltic Sea | TASS

“On June 19, Russian airspace control means over neutral waters of the Baltic Sea spotted an aerial target flying towards the Russian state border. A Su-27 fighter jet of the Baltic Fleet air defense alert unit was scrambled to intercept the target. After approaching it, the Russian plane identified it as a US RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft. When being escorted, the RC-135 plane made an attempt at approaching the Russian fighter jet making a provocative turn towards it,” the ministry said.

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The US activates the Kurdish question | Colonel Cassad

From the parameters of the agreement between the US and the Kurds, we can conclude that the United States understands the threat, hence the liabilities associated with the use of Rojava to attack other countries, which implies a rejection of the very very open support of the PKK, which is waging a guerrilla war in Turkey, uses the territory of Syria and Iraq for their rear bases and training camps, which is why Turkey considers the legal Kurdish organizations as supporters of the PKK, and therefore, as “terrorists”. This is an attempt to sweeten the bitter pill for Turkey, which is extremely irritably responds to the supply of arms by the Americans in Rojava.

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The Shiite bridge | Colonel Cassad

Overall, we are witnessing the triumph of the Iranian strategy and, accordingly, defeat U.S. strategy. But this is not the end. As writes the American press, the hawks in the Pentagon require the Secretary of defense to intensify operations in southern Syria against Iran, and if necessary to attack the Iranian “proxies” in order to cut the new bridge. Foreign Policy reports that Mathis doesn’t want to follow the hawks, because an attack on Iran will have unpredictable consequences and jeopardize the lives of American soldiers. In fact, the debate on this subject, demonstrates that the appropriate scenarios for the development of the US southern-Syria strategy the US are gone.

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Moscow, Syria’s main ally, announced that it would start tracking jets and drones of the US-led coalition and halt an incident-prevention hotline with America, which was set up to avoid accidents in the crowded skies above Syria.

“Any flying objects, including planes and drones of the international coalition, discovered west of the Euphrates river will be tracked as aerial targets by Russia’s air defences on and above ground,” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s defence ministry warned.

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Iranian missile strike in Syria

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said on its official news website, Sepah News, that several “ground-to-ground, mid-range missiles” were fired from bases in Kermanshah province, western Iran.

The operation “targeted Takfiri forces in the Deir Ezzor region in Eastern Syria.” Six assailants killed at least 16 people at Iran’s Parliament building and a shrine dedicated to the republic’s revolutionary founder Ayatollah Khomeini. The attacks marked the first time that ISIS, a Sunni Muslim group fighting Iranian-backed militias in Syria, has claimed responsibility for an attack in Iran.

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