The fate of the trophy | Colonel Cassad


During the offensive of the Syrian army were destroyed/severely damaged a Russian armored car “the Shot”, which the militants seized as a trophy during the capture of Palmyra in December 2016.

The car was among the many trophies captured by militants and then was used in the spring campaign of 2017. The other day she judging by the video was destroyed.

Video large-scale offensive of the Syrian army.

Captured by the rebels in the summer of 2016, the year in the farms of the Mull T-90 (captured “Noureddine EN Since and resold “Al-Nusra”) is still not destroyed (the last time was registered in April 2017, the year during the fighting in the area of Tabiat al-Imam, evidence of their destruction has not been received). On one side of the defect, on the other hand, it just shows that the car is quite tenacious and can survive even the bloody slaughter of the spring battles in Northern Hama, where SAA and insurgents lost dozens of units of various armored vehicles.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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