Syrian Army, Hezbollah make major push for Deir Ezzor | AMN

Backed by heavy Russian airstrikes, the Syrian Arab Army’s 5th Corps and their allies liberated more than 2km of highway near the strategic desert town of Arak, in Palmyra’s eastern countryside.

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The end of the GCC | Geopolitica

The truth is Washington’s imperialism and the hegemony of its petty family oil-rich dictatorship proxies in the PERSIAN Gulf are clearly in disarray. Indeed, this a wonderful development and geopolitical karma in action. It is a worldwide phenomenon and Washington and her allies’ discord will only increase with every move they make. Such is the price for an unsustainable, idiotic, and essentially diabolic foreign policy. No one will be mourning for them. More disintegration is to follow in the Washington-Riyadh-Tel Avis axis of evil. Stand by.

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