Alexander Dugin: There are three parties around Putin. One of them is the party of morons

A well-known Russian philosopher and political scientist Alexander Dugin said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is separated from the Russian people by a “concreted bunker”, which consists of representatives of the Russian elite. The Russian elite Dugin divided into three conditional parties: corrupt officials, spies and morons.


Such an assertion that the author of the Fourth Political Theory made a Russian philosopher and political scientist in an interview on the “Day” television channel, which he gave to the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Zavtra” Alexander Prokhanov (59:25 record).

“We, by and large, are free, but we have never been so enslaved as we are today,” says Alexander Dugin, “if we look at culture, politics, statehood, the economy, everything Russian that lives, it is removed from Participation in history has never been suspended, as never before.

Given that we have both historical preconditions and a people who have kept their “I”. And we have a president – our chance.

It reflects these structures. I recognize everything in it. I recognize his microscopes … He is part of the Russian people.

But what is between him and us? What kind of concreted bunker, in which Russian man, as in St. Petersburg at the 18th century with a beard was forbidden entry? .. Between him and us is the absolute bunker.

These are the people who are between him and us? They are exactly the iron grip that my people hold in the basement.

They are also formally Russian. But this is the reverse side of the Russian person. They are of three types.

I see three parties around Putin. The party of corrupt officials, which any action that Putin says turns into his own benefit. A party of spies who all agree with the West. And the party of morons is all the rest.

And in these people. Although they are all, conditionally, Russian. Well, so, in general. Not in the ethnic sense. They are part of our culture, Russian-Soviet people. But these are the people who represent some kind of anti-people. It does not matter whether they are modernists or conservatives. This is what practically blocks our president from his people. And this is not natural. “

However, the presence of such a buffer between the head of state and the people Dugin considers a natural result of the development of historical processes, and, in his opinion, it is not unique to Russia, but also characteristic of other countries.

“It can not be said that morons, spies and corrupt officials are a technical and spontaneous phenomenon, and that they happened to be there by chance,” says the political scientist. “They are, in fact, a kind of negative result of history – our elite.”


Alexander Dugin is a Russian public figure, philosopher, political scientist, translator and sociologist. He is the author of the Fourth Political Theory, which in his opinion should be the next step in the development of politics after the first three: liberalism, socialism and fascism.

At one time, Dugin was the ideologist of the National Bolshevik Party, developed political programs for other Russian parties, headed the Department of Sociology of International Relations of the Sociology Department of the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. He is the leader of the International Eurasian Movement. Dugin’s political activities are aimed at creating a Eurasian superpower through the integration of Russia with the former Soviet republics into a new Eurasian Union (EAS).

As already wrote , in March 2015 Alexander Dugin was included by the United States of America in the sanctions list against Russia. Information about this was published on the website of the US Treasury. A year ago, for the introduction of Dugin’s “black list” of people who were banned from entering Latvia, the representative of the National Association Janis Iesalnieks spok

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