The US activates the Kurdish question | Colonel Cassad



Kurdish sources reported on the agreement between the US and the YPG on military cooperation, whith regular military cooperation between the US and YPG forces in Syria.

While it does seem like a Protocol of intentions, but the theses contained in it are very revealing.

1. The US and YPG are partners and allies in the fight against terrorism in the region

2. The United States will support the YPG military equipment

3. The United States will support the Syrian democratic forces (SDF) to create a fully Autonomous army of Syrian Kurdistan

4. YPG will provide the interaction with the SDF and will continue to support partnerships in the fight against terrorism

5. YPG is committed to prevent attacks aimed at neighboring countries from the territory of Syrian Kurdistan.

6. YPG assumes the obligation to ensure the safety of the personnel of the us military and us bases in Syrian Kurdistan.

The agreement will enter into force after 15th of July 2017. = zinc

PS. The US quite clearly trying to play the Kurdish card to secure more cards to trade with Russia and Iran, after the Caliphate is defeated. Given the YPG pumping arms and autonomist aspirations of the Kurds, in the absence of progress towards a political settlement, it is highly likely that the relations of Syrian Kurdistan with its neighbors will worsen. This applies not only to Damascus, and Turkey. Russia, Iran and Turkey will be interested in to squeeze out one way or another, Americans from Kurdistan. In respect of the supply of arms to the Kurds, the interests of Damascus and Ankara will be the same. Attempts to force branch of the Syrian Kurdistan from Syria is likely to lead to war against the Kurds will be deployed to the Syrian, Turkish and Iranian troops probably.

On the other hand, the US may seek just for this option, which will ensure the continuation of the war in the region and will create a bleeding a counterweight to the Shiite zone, which is building Iran. Russia in these circumstances, on the one hand is one of the guarantors of the territorial integrity of Syria, but in the case of escalation of events in Northern Syria, she has the ability to avoid involvement in a potential war with the Kurds, leaving that to engage Syria, Iran and Turkey.More desirable job in the military-diplomatic line with SDF and Kurds for their participation in Syrian peace settlement (which would require Assad’s concessions in terms of Kurdish autonomy) and the more subtle fight against American influence, which will require more cooperation with Turkey on the subject of combining the carrot and the stick, as the option of the Turkish invasion of Rojava, largely hampered by the separatist aspirations of the Kurdsit is obvious that the attempt to declare independence Rozhava will lead to the invasion of the two Turkish armies on territory Rozhava under the pretext of “fight against Kurdish terrorism.”

From the parameters of the agreement between the US and the Kurds, we can conclude that the United States understands the threat, hence the liabilities associated with the use of Rojava to attack other countries, which implies a rejection of the very very open support of the PKK, which is waging a guerrilla war in Turkey, uses the territory of Syria and Iraq for their rear bases and training camps, which is why Turkey considers the legal Kurdish organizations as supporters of the PKK, and therefore, as “terrorists”. This is an attempt to sweeten the bitter pill for Turkey, which is extremely irritably responds to the supply of arms by the Americans in Rojava. While Turkey is limited to periodically shelled Kurdish territory and inciting the Kurds under the control of militants (though without much success, a “green” cut off from the Kurds, and continue to grab – as a “green corps” traditionally below average). But periodic attacks in the direction of tal Rifat indicate that Turkey does not leave hopes to significantly reduce the Kurdish territory in the border area.

Overall, the autumn issue of Syrian Kurdistan may worsen when the situational factor of the Caliphate gradually come to naught and will come to the fore deep contradictions associated with the unresolved question of the status of the Kurds in post-war Syria that is a time bomb and a potential fuse for the next war right with the wheels the previous.

From the point of view of the development of current operations in raqqa province, and for the SAA and for the Kurds, they are developing quite successfully.

SAA continues almost every day to occupy a large territory. Resafa to the left of 8-12 kilometers. Yield to it, will not only advance to the raqqa, but also to ensure the subsequent occupation of the territory South of the Tabka, Raqqa, where the Kurds and the United States will not be able to move. Only the lack of power allows faster release site in Western raqqa. The front of the Caliphate here in fact without the militants confined to the defense of individual positions and rear guard actions to slow the advance of the SAA.

The Kurds, in turn, gradually occupy neighbourhoods of Raqqa, and on the South Bank of the Euphrates, moving East to complete the encirclement of the city. The militants decided not to leave the city, so that the corridor to the exit is no longer needed, plus the need to eliminate even the unlikely possibility that Assad’s troops taking Resafa, turned to the North and will go to raqqa from the South. Environment Raqqa ensures that at the end of the storm there will hang the “correct flags”.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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