The battle of Taybat-al-Imam | Colonel Cassad

Officer of the red army

C97OKoWW0AAOuS5.jpg large.jpeg

Photos from released Taybat al-Imam, over which more than a week of fierce fighting, which continued today. The morning of April 21 assault group “Al-Nusra” again tried to enter the city, but suffering heavy losses in street fighting, was again forced to withdraw. It is noted that in the last 2 days in the city killed at least 3 senior field commanders.

Fierce fighting continues in the area Halfaya. Syrian sources say the build-up of intense artillery fire from the SAA in the direction of Lataminah may indicate the seriousness the intention to eliminate the Lataminah bulge. Entrenched in Taybat al-Imam, SAA gets the opportunity to move in the direction of Lataminah actually going to the flank and rear of the group of militants holding the front in the area Halfaya. It is not excluded that with this growing threat, the militants are likely to lose Halfaya within a week and be forced to move to back to Lataminah, and the SAA in turn, moving from Taybat al-Imam and Souran, can create a threat to Morek, moving along the road toward Khan Shaykhun.

The storming of Tabiat al-Imam. Morning 20.04.

The bombing of militant positions in South-Eastern part of the city.

Pair of su-25 just North of Tabiat al-Imam.

The assault team before the attack.

Thrown the mortar and the flag of the insurgents.

Abandoned mortars.

Broken cars.


Trophy pickup and sniper rifle Steyr.

The militants under Tabiat al-Imam.

Beware, 18+.
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We are not afraid of minefields.

Equipment of fighters under young Halfaya.

“5th Legion” the current West of Tabiat al-Imam.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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