The question of forming a new political elite | Anton Bryukov


The fourth Political Theory proposed by the philosopher Alexander Dugin, must inevitably come to replace three political theories of modernity (liberalism, communism and fascism). The most akin of Russia-Eurasia, we believe political philosophy offered by the Russian thinker Vladimir Capcom. This, of course, is the social-monarchism as the development of the ideas of the fourth political theory.

In his article, “Sooner or later the river will flow back,” Alexander Dugin writes: “I believe that the monarchy is the optimal form for Russia of the Board. But it can only be restored in the context of the global conservative revolution”

“Return to the monarchy is how to turn the tide of the river. But remember — when Christ came to be baptized in the Jordan, the water stopped from the terror of the appearance of deity. The restoration of the monarchy in Russia requires the same horror of our social self-awareness. We need to stay rooted to the spot in front of the greatness of this sacred monarchical ideas, and to retreat, and to turn from the old ways”

The monarchy is undoubtedly the best form of government for Russia. However, it should be noted that we are not talking about profane modern view of the question of the monarchy in our understanding there is a return to the idea of Moscow-the Third Rome, which is the Foundation of the Russian statehood. This idea was the basis for collecting land-Eurasia around Moscow. This idea is the most successful example of imperatritsa in the geopolitical context of Eurasia. Monarchy will give a sacred dimension and the meaning of the state institutions and the political process.The importance of state institutions for the Monarchy repeatedly wrote the theorist of monarchismIvan Solonevich. For these institutions, in turn, need an elite that is using their service to sell the historic and creative people.

The subject of the Fourth Political Theory is the people as the bearer of Dasein. However, we must note that the people – the concept is certainly qualitative, not quantitative. Only those who epitomize the spirit of the people, the spirit of civilization, and aspirations and ideas and, most importantly, his identity, can represent the people and not to be part of the globalist egalitarian plebs, which grows with the development of progressistas infection. The growth of these departed from the tradition of the masses can match that Katasonov calls the “money civilization” or the ideology of money. Geopolitical, demographic, economic but most importantly spiritual reasons require that in Russia-Eurasia appeared finally has its own elite which will be a bearer of high ideals of the Fourth Political Theory. No such elite in the medium term, our country is doomed.

The value Base of the new Russian elite

The great Russian thinker Konstantin Leontiev wrote:

“About the hated equality! About vile monotony! About damned progress! About fat, perenna blood, but picturesque mountain world history! In the last century you suffer the new birth. And from the pained depths of your creeps the mouse. Born smug caricature of old people; the average rational European, in his funny clothes, neizobrazimo even in the perfect mirror of art; intelligently small and samooborony, with his creeping in the dust of the earth practical good intentions!No, never in the history before our time never seen one this ugly mix of mental pride before God and the moral of humility before the idol homogeneous, grey working only working and shamelessly-detached setelement! Is it possible to love such a race? Should we not hate the people themselves, misguided and stupid, but is the future of them, even the Christian soul?”

If, after elapsed time, to ask the answer to the question of classics of Russian thought, it becomes obvious that this love of humanity is fundamentally impossible, as it is impossible to love disease, our Christian sense requires, to seek to help others and this is possible if you create a barrier in the way of a cosmopolitan infection. This mission will fall on the shoulders of the new elite.

Conservatism — his ethics and aesthetics have become the dominant style of the new elite. Conservatism in the soil and deep understanding. The philosophy of traditionalism involves a fundamental renunciation of the ideas of progressivism and modernism in the name of stronger ideals, as well as the unconditional primacy of the spiritual over the material. Russian conservative thought in the face of the Slavophiles, and then Konstantin Leontiev, Lev Tikhomirov and Eurasian schools came to the same conclusions that the philosophy of traditionalism (at least certain parts of them) much earlier than this school. So that the ideas of Eurasianism, Russian conservatism and traditionalism complementary to each other and constitute the ideological basis for the Russian elite.

Ideocratic elite is in a sense “people of the ruins” by Julius Evola.

Instead of heritage of the French revolution — egalitarian slogans of “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity”, the new elite must turn to more soil ideas such as Faith and Service, Hierarchy and Collegiality. Ruling selection should lead philosophers and warriors to leadership positions in our elite and to cut off the mercenary element that has usurped the discourse and power, it definitely needs to happen in an evolutionary way in the interests of the Russian state. The Byzantium should become one of the main semantic poles of the Eurasian integration and derzhavotvorennya.Elite, capable of understanding such issues, must have a corresponding high level of intelligence and strong will.

Justice as right value

Many are accustomed to the fact that social justice and social economy is an exclusively left-wing or Marxist values. However, it is not at all noteworthy right-wing movements was distinct hostility to the bourgeois and capitalist hoarding. Konstantin Leontiev wrote about this very much. Marxism is unacceptable to the Fourth Political Theory as a manifestation of modernity, should give up his place in the axiological basis of the new elite “Russian socialism”. Such a system of economic relations, which involves parallel development of private entrepreneurship (understood as creativity in the economic sector), state capitalism and a socially oriented economy, which ensures the right to work and social benefits package, as well as consistent planning, infrastructure and defense industry. On this economy, we wrote in the article “Horizons of Russian economy”. The new elite must protect themselves from economocentric as incompatible with her value base.However, the above approach to the economy needed to create a society where it is not possible domination of civilization. The economic model also needs to complement the ideas of peasant autarky. The main obstacle to a just society is the cult of consumption. Love for the people is a necessary installation, in particular with regard to the protection of the identity and traditions of the people.

Freedom in the Service of

The new elite must meet simultaneously the criteria of subjectivity and independence, and to be focused on the interests of the state. This combination is only possible if there is simultaneously the development of personality, which has remained true to the civilization. This is the principle of freedom in Ministry. Elite definitely needs to be a representative of the people’s identity to be the expression of the ideas and aspirations of the people, and to understand and accept the values and the cultural code of the people. Potential candidates of the new elite must belong to any of traditional religions, without this man can not be considered a part of the Eurasian elites.

Summarizing all the above, the Russian Government and, more broadly, the Eurasia – faced with an acute shortage of personnel who can undertake the saving of our country measures. In the interests of the state creating the most competent elites who can meet the challenges of the century. A temporary calm should not cause illusions to anybody. The new elite is a key mechanism to protect the state from destruction. In parallel with the government competent and passionate people should go forward to the Motherland and to form in themselves the above qualities and ideals — to create a cultural environment that trains the person to exploit. With this opposite movement is the hope that the problem of personnel is the most important problem of Russia, will eventually be solved.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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