A Spy Drone for the “Smerch” | TASS

The drone, which is “sewn” into the rocket jet systems of volley fire (MLRS) “Smerch” will be able to scout targets from a height of 500 metres for 20 minutes.

“Smerch” — Soviet/Russian rocket multiple launch rocket system caliber 300 mm, developed in the USSR by experts Tolgonay (now NPO “Alloy”). The minimum firing range of 20 kilometers, a maximum range of 120 kilometers, flies as time correctable projectile of the Russian production. Has been in operation since 1987.

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We cut all ties with Ukraine | Colonel Cassad

Those who are concerned with the fate of republics have been waiting for this step for almost three years. On the one hand, it is possible to grieve on the fact that for so long I had to wait, but on the other hand, a lot went wrong, not as we would have liked in 2014. Most importantly, in my opinion, this step is finally done. But the difficulties Donbass have learned to overcome more than anyone, so I am sure that the difficulties associated with the mutual blockade will be overcome, building a future separate from Ukraine.

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The end of the cleavage left – right ? | Breizh-info.com

Populism is not an ideology, it is, therefore, intrinsically neither right nor left wing, but it may depending on the circumstances display elements ideological considered to be of the right or the left. As wrote Pierre-André Taguieff, who is based on an analysis of the political scientist rennes Yves Mény, in his book entitled ‘The revenge of nationalism’ (published in 2015), the populist movements appear when political parties do not respond to a strong demand for a substantial part of the people.

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“Keys and visions for a metapolitical resistance in Spain.” | 4PT.SU

The seminar resumed with the intervention of José Javier Esparza, who under the title “From the New Right to the ‘alt-right'”, briefly explained the formation, nature and historical journey of the school of thought known as New Right, Impact on the movements of the “alternative right,” and their relationship to the specifically American complex of Alt-Right tendencies, their nature and character, analyzing the role played by that phenomenon in Donald Trump’s campaign in the last elections , The profile of the voters of the new president and the reasons for the latter’s victory.

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The End of the Modern World: Interview with Alain de Benoist

The popular classes are not only exasperated by the “way in which the city is managed.” They want to end administrative management, that is to say end the power of an expertocracy that pretends political problems are only technical problems in the final analysis (for which there only evidently exists a single rational solution) and who seek to seek to turn the governing of men into the administration of things. They realize that “governance” is only a means of governing without the people. What Vincent Coussedière called the “populism of the people” which is nothing other than a demand addressed to the politicians to actually practice politics in place of sticking to management.

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Syrian buffer for Erdogan | Colonel Cassad

Erdogan was not impressed by the demonstration of us special forces in the area Manbij. As a consequence, the Kurds played a different card. The representatives of the SDF invited the SAA to take a large piece of territory between Turks and Manbij, forming a kind of buffer zone, which will cover Manbij from the West, as Erdogan obviously does not want to go to war with Syria and its allies.

In General, we are seeing the active phase of the process of redistribution of spheres of influence in Northern Syria.

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