Aleppo in past 24 hours: Syrian army deploys around Lake Assad | Abna24

A field source said that the army has now reached Lake Assad, and added that at present, the terrorists have been besieged by the Syrian soldiers from the Northern, Western and Eastern sides of the first station of the water treatment and pumping facilities.

Meantime, the army forces are preparing to purge the terrorists of the two towns of Rasm al-Harmal al-Kabir and Rasm al-Harmal al-Saqir in the Northern parts of the water station.

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The destabilization of the Islamic world is the grand strategy of the US in order to eliminate any alternative poles to its hegemony. Russia, China, India, and the EU should be aware of this danger that is against multipolarity, and mediate between Sunnis and Shiites to avoid a civil war in the Islamic world while it is still in the preliminary stage. Muslim countries should seek dialogue and instead of using sectarian beliefs for their national interests, prefer peace and diplomacy to solve conflicts, focus on economic development to prevent poverty that feeds unrest among Muslims, democratize their political systems to represent different groups in their countries, and contribute to world civilization by interacting with other civilizations in terms of peace, diplomacy, economic, and cultural cooperation.

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The secret Australian Iraq dossier | SMH

The report concludes that Howard joined US president George W. Bush in invading Iraq solely to strengthen Australia’s alliance with the US. Howard’s – and later Kevin Rudd’s – claims of enforcing UN resolutions, stopping the spread of weapons of mass destruction and global terrorism, even rebuilding Iraq after the invasion, are dismissed as “mandatory rhetoric”.

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