Russia – Iran: towards a United Eurasia | Vasily Semenov

The current visit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Moscow takes place in a very complex international environment. The West continues its onslaught on the East – both near and far. Therefore, in the agenda the question of collective counter it, primarily with leading States of the Eurasian continent.

As Rouhani himself said that his friendly visit – the first of this year. Than once again confirmed the importance of developing and strengthening multidisciplinary cooperation between Iran and Russia. And the collaboration is really versatile. Russia, along with Iran is fighting against the terrorists of ISIS and al-Nusra in Syria. Iran gives Russia the opportunity to use their airfields to conduct air strikes against key targets of the pseudo-Caliphate.

Spreading and economic ties. Mutual trade turnover last year grew by 70 percent, which in itself is unprecedented in the current crisis conditions. Both countries are interested in cooperation in the oil, energy, nuclear industries. Iran is interested besides in the new Russian technology, the electrification of their Railways, purchases of Russian weapons. For its part sells in Russia high-quality food and various consumer goods.

Russian-Iranian relations go beyond the bilateral. So, in the military sphere is planned in the triangle Ankara – Moscow – Tehran. Though not without some rough edges, but they can be easily eliminated in the mutual interest of the parties. Under consideration the project of North – South, that is, the establishment of the main trade routes from India and other countries around the Indian ocean through Iran to Russia and further to Europe.

The fact that Russia and Iran have never been allies, and now on the way to it, shows the addition and strengthening of the Eurasian unity. Iran is also sincerely committed, wanting to take their place in organizations such as the SCO, BRICS, etc.

All this is happening against the background of the disintegration of the West, when England is in the process of leaving the EU and Scotland at the same time raises the question of its withdrawal from the UK. Perhaps, as sung in a well-known Chinese song, the East wind overcomes the West wind.

Vasily Semenov

Stauffenberg was Right!

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