Hama. 30.03.2017 | Colonel Cassad


Officer of the red army

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The military situation in Northern Hama 30 Mar 2017.

After failing to break through the defense of the SAA in the city of Qimhana, which deflected 3 full-scale assaults, the gunmen begin to deal with the operational consequences. The offensive in the South is actually decaying. After the loss of Marzaf, the Jihadis had to say goodbye to the idea of encircling Muhrada. The defeat at the village of Kawkab stopped the implementation of an assault on Ma’an. The attempt to break through to the capital of the province choked in the streets of Qimhana. In the end, the operational initiative is starting to slip away from the militants. In addition to the counterattacks of Marzaf and Kawkab, the SAA repelled militants ‘ attempts to advance towards Hama, recaptured the village of Arzah lost a few days ago after a partially-successful counterstroke of the 11th division, leading towards Khattab. It continues to undertake attacks here, but it’s not the same picture that was observed after the breakthrough of the front, when the SAA was receding rapidly southward and threatening the capital of the province became very real.

Coming up, the reserves did their job and successfully docked the offensive activity of the militants in all directions. The group of fighters were now spread out in a wide arc, with their main forces engaged in battles in the southern part of the ledge, attracting the few reserves suitable from Idlib. SAA, in turn, increases group in the region of Hama and Ma’an, which creates a previously specified fork when one side of the main blow of the counteroffensive, the SAA will have to Khattab, with the aim to push the insurgents to the North and to protect the Boor, and the other side is extremely tempted to take advantage of the situation and after the final stop of the offensive fighters to strike North of Souran and into Souran, with the creation of the threat environment of the main forces of the militants operating in the front Marzaf-Khattab-Maardas. In this case Myrada will act as the anvil, and the grouping that can be installed from Maan, a kind of hammer.

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Meanwhile, SAA blatantly pushes fighters to the North, taking the operations to the South of Khattab and discarding militants from Qimhana.

The militants understand the difficulties of their situation, so on the one hand continue to attack (rather by inertia) not to allow the SAA to take the initiative, and on the other hand, trying to drag in Hama additional reserves that can be thrown into the battle North of Hama, and to support the flanks of the shock groups in the case of full blow of the SAA in the area of Souran. Not the last role in stopping the enemy offensive was played by the systematic blows of videoconferencing and the Syrian air force, which normally have cumulative effect with the stabilization of the front, the accuracy and efficiency of strokes increases and the militants increasingly difficult to carry out the supply of the advancing groupings, not to mention the substantial losses from the actions of attack aircraft.

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Another possible scenario with the formation of the boiler.

In General, the situation for the SAA here in recent days has improved slightly, although on the complete overcoming of the crisis so far, the militants have lost the pace, but the ambitious plans they still have left, so ahead of the SAA are waiting for fierce fighting with a sufficiently skilled adversary. In the battle from both sides involved more than 20 thousand people, dozens of tanks and artillery (even the Syrians TOS-1). In these battles the parties to bear significant losses, a few dozen people a day. Together, and the fighters and the SAA from the beginning of the offensive had lost several hundred men killed and wounded.

After the battle for al-Bab and the liberation of Palmyra, this is probably the biggest battle since the start of 2017.


Compounds, “5th Legion”.

Captured T-90 with the crew of “al-Nusra” were last seen “Position 50”, where he supported the counter-attack fighters.

T-62 “the 5th Legion.”

Wounded soldiers of the SAA in the hospital.

https://goo.gl/Ko7M8xhttps://goo.gl/Ko7M8x the summary of military events in Syria from Anna-News

PS. And Yes, yesterday finally completely cleared of Deir Hafir.

PS2. And not to forget. Be careful.

In networks spread fake photos of the alleged attack by “Caliber” militants in Hama directly from the port in Tartus.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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