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Syria, March 29. ISIS terrorists** once again opened fire on the Eastern part of Mosul, killing three children. SAA troops killed more than two thousand militants “dzhebhat an-Nusra”*** for a week during the counter-offensive North of Hama, according to a military source Federal news Agency (FAN) in Syria Ahmad marzouk (Ahmad Marzouq).

Damascus Province

The Syrian Arab army (SAA) operation continues to sweep neighborhoods of Damascus from militants and armed Islamist groups that do not stop attacks, despite the introduction of silence regime. The soldiers of the SAA launched a series of artillery strikes on strongholds of terrorists on the outskirts of Bursa in the North-East of the capital. Armed groups, in addition, control of the Metropolitan districts of Jobar and al-Kabun, and most of the oasis of Eastern ghouta, which is located further to the North-East of the city.

In Eastern ghouta meanwhile, are also fighting is going on. The Syrian air force launched two air strikes on the positions of terrorists on the outskirts of Zamalka, where at the moment are intense firefight. The bombing had destroyed a significant portion of the defensive positions of the militants. Data on the number of losses in the ranks of the Islamists until set.


Province Of Latakia

In the North of Latakia, the situation in which in General remained peaceful, was again documented violations of the ceasefire regime by fighters of the opposition forces. Under the shelling, which was coming from the direction controlled by the rebel forces in mountain areas, was the position of the SAA near the village of Kisamba near the mountain range of al-Akrad. The fire was artorudy and mortars of large caliber. One of the controlled by the Syrian free army (SSA)** opposition sources claims that the shelling was hit tanks and APCS of the government forces. These data are currently tested. Latakia is one of the most stable from the point of view of safety of regions of Syria, in particular, due to the fact that there are mainly alawites, who mostly support the current government of Bashar Assad.

HOMS Province

In the al-Sinaa in the East Palmyra Syrian soldiers were found a factory for the manufacture of dummy tanks and other heavy equipment IG*. Improvised tanks were gathered mainly from cardboard. These knockoffs were needed to the militants to mislead the government intelligence: the terrorists wanted to cause the Syrian scouts the impression that they have more combat power than in reality. Special source Federal news Agency sent a video from the event. The ancient city was fully liberated by the government forces SAR with the support of Russian air force on March 2 this year. At the moment the Syrian army continues to expand the buffer zone around Palmyra.

The province of Deir ez-Zor

The government’s air force conducted several sorties in the direction of the top al-tarda, located to the South of the city of Deir ez-Zor. In a series of air strikes was eliminated a group of terrorists ISIS and several cars of militants equipped with guns of large calibers. In this area are significant resources the “Islamic state”* participating in the attack on the Syrian airfield, for several years now under siege from terrorists. Largely thanks to the work of the Syrian and the Russian aviation troops of the CAA continue to contain the onslaught of terrorists.It is important to consider the fact that settling down in Deir ez-Zor troops at the expense of foreign mercenaries, mostly from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, a few outnumbered government forces, making it extremely difficult situation in the region.

Meanwhile, at a government airfield erupted violent clashes between Syrian units and ISIL forces. Currently, the parties are mutual shelling. Fighting continues, but has become aware of at least three of the liquidated terrorists.


Province Of Dar

The Syrian air force launched a series of strikes against concentrations of militants of the Islamist Alliance “Tahrir al-sham” on the outskirts of al-Tiba and in the nearby settlement of Busra al-Harir in the South-East of the city of Dar. Accurate data on the results of the bombing are still being formed. It is noted, however, that the opposition coalition lost a large amount of military equipment in the operation of governmental force. The Islamists are under control of which is a large part of the province, at the beginning of this year have intensified in the area controlled by government forces of the city of Dar. South-East from the administrative center of the province is based a considerable force “Tahrir al-sham” involved in the attacks SAA positions on the southern outskirts of Dar.

Hama Province

Government forces regained control of a number of settlements in the Northern part of the province of Hama during the counter-offensive on the positions of Islamist militants. Federal Agency news publishes the video, which you can see in the liberated settlements gradually restored peaceful life. There have been numerous traces of destruction. So, during the retreat of the terrorists have not spared the local mosque Izzeddin abi Hamra. Recently, armed groups stepped up attacks SAA positions in Northern Hama. The result of a surprise attack they managed to capture a number of settlements. The region was immediately sent reinforcements. Fighting here continues. Earlier, Syrian troops regained control of the settlement , Marsat.

According to the Ministry of defence of the SAR, over the past seven days in the Northern part of Hama by government forces during a large-scale counteroffensive were eliminated not less than two thousand terrorists belonging to the mostly Islamist coalition “Tahrir al-sham” led by “al-Nusra Dzhebhat”. In addition, was destroyed seven control centers, 15 tanks, more than ten units of heavy armored vehicles, over one hundred vehicles and 12 weapons storage sites of the militants.


The ISIL terrorists attempted to attack the Eastern part of Mosul, which at the beginning of this year was completely liberated from the insurgents. It is noted that in the fire started by the terrorists, in one of the Eastern districts of the city, killing three children, five civilians were wounded. The Iraqi army with the support of the coalition and the militias “Hashd al-SHAABI”, meanwhile, continues to sweep Western Mosul from the militants. Currently heavy fighting for the mosque of al-Nuri, located in the Old town.


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