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Maria Lekuh|Published: 22.02.17 , 20:19

In Israel, Hebrew media call Alexander Dugin “Putin’s Rasputin” and the person close to the Kremlin. The famous Russian scientist, philosopher and writer, answered questions of the special correspondent of “Vesti”.

Alexander Dugin. Photo:


– Alexander gelevich, they say you’re reconciled Putin with Erdogan. Is this true?

– I participated in the rapprochement between Russia and Turkey. I don’t know how my role was crucial, as it was a few channels…

Putin is a very hard man. When he was offered to go to conciliation on the basis of economic feasibility, it is rejected. No one at the time, Putin couldn’t get… And I had contacts with Erdogan’s opposition, they just told me that our plane was shot down on the orders of Erdogan. If it said Erdogan’s allies, no one would be in Russia they did not listen. And that’s how it happens that the grain of sand got on the scales and finally overcame the situation. And Yes, I took part in it.

Putin cannot in any way convince. He acts only according to his will… I went to Turkey, spent some serious high-level meetings. And my reasoning proved to be quite adequate for both sides.

President Putin. Photo: press service of the Kremlin

Turkey was also the view of the events. There is one term to translate correctly, and everything falls apart. The Turks, for example, decided that if the Union is called Eurasian, it means that our goal is to join Turkey. Had to find another translation, and it became clear that we really want another. We have taken into account the national and religious peculiarities of the Turkish side. In this situation, this approach proved to be popular.

– Israel is one of the biggest players in the middle East. Why still no full-fledged military Alliance of Russia and Israel, that are now trying to create Turkey and Russia?

– It is still difficult to talk about the Union of Russia and Turkey, although countries are moving in this direction… as for Israel, since the cold war is the tradition orientation of Israel on the United States. It is associated with a very strong Israeli lobby in the US that determines us policy.

Russia’s attitude to Israel has changed dramatically in the 90-ies. In the democratic Yeltsin era, relations with Israel were normalized, and so they remained in the Putin era. The Russian President many blamed for foreign policy, but your country’s relationship only improved.

Putin with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Photo: AP

For Putin, Israel is a country where patriotism is welcome, but the society is not racism. He never perceives. Moreover, the interests of Russia does not threaten you, if not interfering in our internal Affairs, and you do not.

If we have disagreements about Syria, Turkey or Iran, they will be resolved by compromise. Another thing is that in Russia there is a strong Israeli lobby or Israel, despite the large number of Russian Jews. The Israelis don’t do politics in Russia, they are focused on their internal problems. Background to the Union, and I think it’s important, but it has not yet taken place.

– Why, then, Russia’s main ally in the middle East is Iran, a country known for its radicalism?

– Iran is a huge country with which we have common borders, so for us this is a significant partnership and location and influence in the Islamic world. And no other partners, including Israel, will not compel us to change these attitudes.

This does not mean that Israel is not significant. Just a conflict between Iran and Israel, we’re also indifferent as to the conflict of China and America. It is important to Americans who owns Taiwan, and we are all equal. It is important that China did not take us to Siberia, and all. And how we will get there, friendship or enmity, whatever.

Moreover, we could be the connecting factor. Iran is our friend, Israel is not our enemy and it could become our friend. And that’s when three friends two start to clash, the big strong friend in Russian – almost said Empire – the Russian Federation can act as a guarantor to the fact that the skirmishes will not go into military action. In fact, neither Iran nor Israel do not need war.

– Have you thought about how to solve the problem of peaceful settlement in Israel? How would you deal with the Palestinians?

Well, the situation you have very dark. This conceptual impasse. If Israel wants to be part of global humanity, he had to admit the obsolescence of the national approach, the necessity of taking into account the interests of all population groups and to strengthen their neighborhoods, and reducing their presence there.

I think calling Israel as a normal democratic country, you speak the language of double standards, which sooner or later will have to give.

But the truth is Israel is a normal democratic country, we have a very active and sharp political life, which is obliged to take into account the party in power. It is difficult to challenge.

– You have to understand one thing: in the framework of the existing world order, Israel has no chance. And you have, as suggested by the left to change Israel and change the world. It seems to me that you have so much enthusiasm that you may change the world order. You, like us, you need to remove from the agenda the binding regulations of the so-called ideology of human rights, progress and universalism. It’s not politically correct, but is the only way to save Israel is the national state, not a territory controlled by no one global government.

– So you’re saying that the problem is solved only by military means? In Israel a very high price life and a constant war is definitely not the path that will be supported by the citizens of the country.

– Hardness of the decision does not mean war. It is our opponents trying to imagine what we will all be solved by military means. We will solve all the most rational means, and war is not among them. It is the last argument, the most stupid player.

In the reduction. The full text is published on 23 February in the newspaper “Vesti”


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