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After the blow to the Shayrat, sending carriers to the shores of North Korea, threats of Russia and China, and came to the Caliphate in Afghanistan.

According to the official statement of the headquarters of American troops in Afghanistan, a system of caves and tunnels in the province of Nangarhar was dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb GBU-43


Nangarhar province during the past 2 years is the stronghold of the Khorasan province, which is subject to the regime in raqqa and waging war in Afghanistan with local government, us troops and the Taliban with the aim of establishing full control over the country. Despite such a pool of opponents for the last time alifatica controlled the territory of Afghanistan, even a few uvelichilis, although objectively they are inferior in forces and the Taliban and the regime in Kabul.

C9T4z24U0AAg-YC.jpg large.jpgGBU-43

The development of the bomb GBU-43/B began in mid-2002, when the division ordnance research laboratory, the U.S. air force needed to supply 6,800 kg bomb BLU-82/B control system. At the time BLU-82/B was the largest bomb in the Arsenal of the USAF, the first time it was used in Vietnam to clear areas for landing helicopters. In Afghanistan in 2001, bombs of this type were used to attack caves and gorges, where the huge power of the explosives was particularly effective.But the lack of any system of controls meant that the carrier of the MS 130 must be reset at a relatively low altitude and directly over the target to achieve the desired accuracy, but there is a danger of blast.

In 2002 firms Northrop-Grumman and Lockheed-Martin proposed a project that was better than the BLU-82/B. New UAB had a good aerodynamic shape and used a GPS to control the flight path. The new warhead was later called the GBU-43/B MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Burst). It will be equipped with volume-detonating warhead. As the carrier was considered In-2, he would be able to carry 1 such a big bomb. In March 2003 urgent, the air force ordered three such munitions.

In 2003, the U.S. air force conducted two tests curb controlled aircraft bomb GBU-43/B MOAB on the ground in Florida. The first controlled flight of an inert MOAB was held on 7 March 2003, and four days later (March 11), the first reset curb UAB from the aircraft MC-130, a second relief 22 November 2003. In April 2003, a single bomb GBU-43/B was sent to Iraq, but was never used.
Weight of the munition with a warhead BLU-120/B is 9840 kg which is 40% greater than the mass of an aircraft bomb BLU-82, munition BLU-120/B is the largest nuclear weapons available. The warhead is used as the equipment is a liquid mixture of ammonium nitrate and powdered aluminium (weight of explosive 8480кг).

GBU-43 has no parachute, using the control kit KMU-593/B (GPS/INS like JDAM), lattice control surfaces and the aerodynamic bearing surfaces she plans and strike targets with high accuracy. Thus, the bomb can be dropped from a greater height ( beyond the reach of anti-aircraft artillery). Like the BLU-82, the MOAB is pushed out of the cargo compartment of transport aircraft (typically MS-130, but since uses GPS and higher altitude, reset, probably can be used with the C-17).

MOAB is a very powerful weapon (its unofficial title of “Mother of All Bombs”). The force of the explosion MOAB enough to destroy on the surface of tanks and people within several hundred meters and to demoralize the troops in the neighborhood that survived the explosion. Developed and tested a penetrating warhead MOR (Massive Ordnance Penetration). The weight of the munition 13600кг, penetrating power, when equipped with warheads programmable HTSF Fuze type, will be more than 30m.In the 2nd quarter of 2004, we have conducted two tests for the actual assessment of the damage caused by deeply located objects: one static (explosion on the ground), the other is reset from Board MS-130 (in December 2004). Both explosion carried out on a special test site (Nevada), having the objects with the relevant infrastructure elements that are located at great depths.

The leadership of the U.S. air force is interested in new projects, the creation of weapons designed to kill underground facilities. According to the American representatives, now already there are technologies of production of heavy bombs penetrating. But it will take time for media selection and determination of the necessary for the U.S. air force in the number of such weapons. In R & d for this project involves the participation of the company Dynamic, Textron, ASEI and the division ordnance research laboratory, the U.S. air force.


It’s hard to say how effective was the blow to the mountain caves, but I very much doubt that he radically changed the nature of the Afghan war. Yet it has long been at the stage where even spreading across the mountains a heavy-duty bombs, nothing radical can change anything. But in order to push the muscles to go completely. The reason may be not quite trivial – April 10, Caliphate, reported that in a battle in Nangarhar province killed 15 Afghan and some American soldiers. Before that, in late March, militants shot down there one of the American drones.While back rest 22 militants. In the beginning of the month there killed 7 soldiers and 15 abducted farmers and burned the center of polio before the vaccination campaign. In response, it killed about 30 militants and burnt 180 hectares of poppy fields. Farmers way, too, stole from the poppy fields, only the “right”. In General, life boils.


Hardworking Afghan farmer. Influence of bombardment on the harvest?

So the Pentagon could persuade trump to hit big with a slipper on one of the mountain ratholes that are unlikely to change the situation in the province, but will give a reason to the Americans to deal with the boast “I Say, look what we have.” Romp mountain in Nangarhar, as continued and will continue.

PS. Afghan DAESH said that curse of the American barbarians, mourn for “innocent victims” and promised to take revenge on the Western crusaders. Probably worth waiting for the new raids on poppy fields of competitors.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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