USA attacked the air base Shayrat | Colonel Cassad


Night, the US fired Tomahawks air base, the Syrian air force Shayrat.

Prior to the strike vote in the UN security Council on Syria nor failed and was postponed indefinitely.

According to the Pentagon, Russia has been notified in advance about the attack the Syrian air base in the early morning which sent 59 of missiles “Tomohawk”, that the Russian advance was removed from power if they were there.

Even the very air base from 2015 were used as airfields for videoconferencing. According to preliminary data of the damaged runway, infrastructure and technology. On the Syrian data, killed 4 people. Most of the staff of the base was evacuated before the attack, which suggests that the warning was received.

Missile launch from the destroyer “porter”.

Bolivia for this reason has demanded the convening of the UN security Council to discuss the aggression of the United States. Iran condemned the strikes. Saudi Arabia supported.

In Washington said that the base Shirt was used by the Syrian air force for “chemical attack” (it is not difficult to notice the facts in this case mean little more than nothing).

The Caliphate after the missile attacks, launched an offensive in East HOMS.
In Moscow reacted disappointed by the statements on the fact that due to the move, major changes in U.S.-Russian relations should be expected.

In light of this, the probability of breakthrough agreements in the talks Lavrov and Tillerson 12 April seriously reduced.

According to the Syrian sources, shayrat air base played a role in ensuring the operations of the SAA against the Caliphate in Eastern HOMS, and the liberation of Palmyra.

According to others, killed 5 people and wounded 7.

Video of a missile launch.

In the Kremlin commented on the strikes in that spirit that blows on the Shayrat are nothing but an attempt to divert attention from the many victims of attacks by U.S. aircraft in Iraq (with the continued assault on Mosul) and nothing good U.S.-Russian relations will bring.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says U.S. strikes on Syria an aggression against a sovereign state, in violation of international law under false pretenses. As reported by RIA Novosti, said the press Secretary of the Russian head Dmitry Peskov. According to him, “the Syrian army has chemical weapons stockpiles”. “The fact of the destruction of all stockpiles of chemical weapons from the Syrian armed forces were otfiksirovat and confirmed by the OPCW is a specialized unit of the UN,” he reminded.“At the same time, according to Putin, the complete disregard for the facts of use of chemical weapons by terrorists only exacerbates the situation significantly,” — said Peskov. In addition, the head of state sees the attacks on Syria by the US attempt to divert attention from the numerous victims among the civilian population in Iraq.

The President believes that Washington’s move causes significant damage to Russian-American relations, which is in poor condition. “And most importantly, according to Putin, this step brings us closer to the ultimate goal in the fight against international terrorism, but on the contrary creates a serious obstacle to the creation of the international coalition to counter it and effectively combating this global evil, which, by the way, the US President, Donald trump declared as one of the main tasks during his election campaign,” — said Peskov.

Statement By Trump.

Russia demanded the re-convening of the UN security Council on Syria.
Israel and Britain supported the U.S. strikes on the Shayrat.

According to the revised data – 5 dead and 7 wounded.

Video of the Sirat.

Review trump of 2013 to the trump of 2017.

And on the topic of the lack of approval by the U.S. Congress.

The conclusion of Steve Bannon from the Board of U.S. National Security in light of the impact becomes more understandable.

British defense Secretary Fallon stated that the impact on the Shayratt was planned so as not to jeopardize the military of the Russian Federation.

The official death toll rose to 6. Reported on significant damage of the fuels and the destruction of 7 to 15 planes (according to Syrian sources, most of them were inoperable).
What was able to fly, reportedly withdrew from the airbase even before the strike.

Statement of the MFA of the Russian Federation.

On the night of 7 April, the United States dealt a blow to Syrian government forces, using as pretext the situation of highincidence in Idlib province.

Not bothering to understand anything, the U.S. went on the power play, on the military opposition to the country which is struggling with international terrorism.

USA is not the first time demonstrate such a thoughtless approach, which only exacerbates the world’s problems and poses a threat to international security. The very presence of US troops and other countries on the territory of Syria without the consent of the government or decisions of the UN security Council is a flagrant and unjustified violation of international law. If earlier it was due to the task of combating terrorism, now there is a clear act of aggression against a sovereign Syria. Taken today, the United States actions are even more detrimental to Russian-us relations.

We have repeatedly stated their willingness to cooperate in the solution of the hot issues of the day, among which in the first place – the fight against international terrorism. But we will never agree with the illegitimate actions against the legitimate Syrian authorities, who for a long time are a relentless war against international terrorism.

In justification of armed action Washington has completely distorted what happened in Idlib. The U.S. side must understand that Syrian government forces did not use chemical weapons. In Damascus, it is simply not that has been repeatedly confirmed by qualified experts. The conclusions have been made by the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW). In recent years, the organization has inspected almost all of the objects that were or could be related to military chemical program in Syria.As for Idlib, the terrorists engaged in the manufacture of stuffed with toxic substances of bombs for later use in Syria and Iraq. The elimination of this production was carried out as a result of military operations of the Syrian air force.

USA is pretending to not understand obvious things. They turned a blind eye to a terrorist use of chemical weapons in Iraq, as officially reported by Baghdad. They dismiss documented documents about the use of chemical weapons by terrorists in Aleppo. So you can only condone international terrorism, to strengthen it and to expect new attacks using weapons of mass destruction.

There is no doubt that the military action of the USA is an attempt to divert attention from the situation in Mosul, where the result of the actions, including the us-led coalition, has killed hundreds of civilians and a growing humanitarian catastrophe.

It is obvious that the impact of U.S. cruise missiles preparing in advance. For any specialist it is clear that the decision to strike was made in Washington before the events in Idlib, which was just used as an excuse for demonstrations of force.

The Russian side is suspending the Memorandum on the prevention of incidents and ensuring the safety of aviation operations in Syria concluded with the United States.

Urge the UN Security Council to hold emergency meeting to discuss the situation. – zinc

Poddubny reports that runway substantial damage is not received.
American sources in turn reported that the strike targeted the part of the base, where according to us intelligence guaranteed was not the Russian military.

Attack of the Caliphate in Eastern HOMS following the attack on Sirat was repulsed by SAA.

According to Syrian military sources, only about half of the issued Tomahawks flew to the Sirat Where fell the others, not reported.

The statement of the Pentagon, where it is reported that Russia has received advance notice of the impending strike. – the destruction at the airport (according to preliminary data was destroyed on 9 concrete shelters, where old planes).
The Governor of HOMS province by the end of the initial inspection of the destruction, said the base received minor damage and continue to function.

Instagram Poddubny

“the Airport shirt for about six months used by the Syrian army as “the sump”, which is waiting in the wings before sending it to the scrap or dismantling for parts old and already decommissioned military equipment of the armed forces SAR”, — said the soldier.

“As a result of a missile strike USA was destroyed 6 (six) MIG-23, under repair, one under utilization of the transport screw plane An-26, which according to technical staff, to the time of the attack was already dismantled the wings and powerplant.

In addition to the equipment of Soviet manufacture, as a result of the strike was destroyed several light-duty transport aircraft of foreign manufacture,” zinc

Undamaged aircraft.


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