Shayrat. The consequences | Colonel Cassad


The similarity of some results in 12 hours

1. 2 destroyers released 59 “Tomahawk”. Flew to the target only a part of the rockets.

2. At the base of a Shirt according to official information, killed 6 people and destroyed 9 aircraft and several pieces of equipment were at the airport.

3. The runway is not significantly affected. The main blow fell on ground concrete shelter where the aircraft.

4. Attempts to attack militants of the Caliphate linked to missile strike was reflected SAA.

5. Before the attack, the US warned Russia of the impending attack, and the attack was planned so as not to offend the Russian. Part of the equipment and people had to be evacuated before the start of the strikes.

6. Russia has suspended the agreement with the USA on the prevention of air incidents in Syria, which started to be implemented after the attacks of videoconferencing on the basis of the CIA on the border with Jordan.

7. The blow was struck during an official dinner trump with the President of China XI Jinping, which once again indicates that the United States pursued not military, but political objectives related to the provision of pressure on Russia, raising internal rating trump and a show for China.

8. Bannon was removed from the national Security Council of the United States, was probably connected with his disagreement with the decision on Syria.


The wreckage of the “Tomahawk” was found in the area of Tartus, in Latakia province.

Intact shelter and the aircraft.

Frigate “Admiral Grigorovich” was the Bosphorus and headed to the Eastern Mediterranean to the shores of Syria.

Lavrov made a comment on the subject of strikes US on the Sirat.

“This resembles the situation in 2003, when the US and Britain along with its allies, invaded Iraq without the consent of the Security Council (UN),” said Lavrov at a press conference following the meeting with the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the CIS on Friday. The Minister expressed the view that the U.S. strike in Syria to distract attention from the activities of terrorists “al-Nusra” (banned in Russia).

“Again, you have to go back to the idea that “Dzhebhat-EN-Nusra”, which mimics and changes the names in some way can be considered our Western colleagues in the quality organization, which should be protected, despite the fact that it is declared UN security Council’s terrorist”, – said Lavrov. According to the Minister, Russia will seek to determine the reasons for applying impact USA. In addition, Lavrov said that a U.S. attack on Syrian military damage to Russian-American relations.
“Distressing as all this is detrimental to the already undermined relations between Russia and the USA, but I hope that these provocations will not lead to irreversible results,” – said the Minister. – zinc

Syria, in turn, has said it will not stop waging war against terrorists on its territory. Allegations of using chemical.weapons Damascus categorically rejected.

According to Time magazine attack the Sirat trump at least 18 times opposed strikes on Syria.

shayrat target1shayrat target2shayrat target3shayrat target4shayrat target5shayrat target6shayrat target7tomahawk impact zones april 7th

The Kremlin said that the attacks on the Shayrat by the United States were taken in the interests of the Caliphate and that with the termination of the agreement on the prevention of air incident in Syria, the risk of military conflict between the US and Russia in Syria has been considerably improved.

On the subject of questions – whether it is increased the grouping of the armed forces in Syria after the US attacks, the Kremlin said that this issue is within the competence of the Ministry of defence. It was also confirmed that under the existing channels, and Russia had prior warning about the impending strike.

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation stated that after the attack on Shayrat, will be taken measures to strengthen air defense, Syrian military installations. It is quite ambiguous. I’ve heard the opinion that only 23 of the 59 Tomahawks flew to the Sirat and place a drop of 36 missiles “remained unknown”. The effectiveness of the strike on the Sirat in the defense Ministry assessed as very low.

The consequences of attacks. In General, talk about “completely destroyed the base,” are a cruel nonsense.

On the background of obvious damage, shows clearly that the runway is practically not affected. Many of the objects have no visible damage.

The official statement of the defense Ministry.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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