The civil war in Idlib | Colonel Cassad


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The flywheel civil war in Idlib between different terrorist groups continues to gain defense.

For disengagement followed by consolidation. More than 10,000 fighters from various factions in Idlib, and West of Aleppo joined the “Ahrar al-sham”, which thus becomes the 2nd largest jihadist group in Syria after the “Al-Nusra” and a kind of informal leader of the “green” militants in Idlib (although the talks will continue to be dominated by the representatives of the Syrian Free Army). Uniting around “Ahrar al-sham” caused by ongoing fighting between the militants in Idlib, and West of Aleppo. In fact, the “Ahrar al-sham” intended to be the center of gravity of the forces that are at war with “Al-Nusra”. There are now flocking primarily those jihadists who believe “al-Nusra” too radical or unpromising (in the light of the international situation), but are not willing to negotiate with Assad.

“Al-Nusra” was an ultimatum – or she will stop fighting against other fighters or start a direct war “Al-Nusra” and “Ahrar al-sham”. However, the first factional violence has already occurred.

At the moment the fighting occur in the form of sporadic attacks, raids, robberies and sieges. Clear front line or separation of the parties no different militant groups control different towns and villages, and clashes. Part of the groups yet distance themselves from the parties to the conflict and look to who would win. “Al-Nusra” is still dominating. Captured prison in Idlib, destroyed armored group (“Al-Nusra” took the spoils of war) and the headquarters of the “Jaish al-Mujahideen”. In this part of the defeated fighters of the group enrolled in “Ahrar al-sham” and the other “Al-Nusra”. According to various estimates over the past day in Idlib died from 80 to 140 fighters. Syrian sources claim that since the beginning of the strife in Idlib in the fall of 2016, it killed more than 1,700 militants.

Overall, then events are developing quite favorably for Assad.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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