The list of requirements for Qatar | Colonel Cassad


In the Associated Press issued a list of demands by Saudi Arabia and To Qatar.

1. To break off relations with Iran.

2. Close the military base of Turkey.

3. To close the channel “al Jazeera”.

4. To expel all members of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps.

5. To sever all ties with “Hezbollah” structures “al-Qaeda” and the Caliphate.

6. Qatar needs to stop giving citizenship to people from countries to sever diplomatic relations with it.

7. Qatar should send former citizens of these countries who are accused of terrorism and opposition activities.

8. Qatar needs to transmit information about their support for opposition politicians abroad.

9. Qatar needs to pay a disgruntled, significant monetary compensation.

10.Qatar needs to make a decision on the implementation of these requirements within 10 days.

Of course, these requirements are in direct conflict with the concept of national sovereignty, but the decision on spanking Qatar has already been made, so we see such brazen demands from those who to put it mildly, are not without sin.

Qatar is hoping that the deployment on the territory of Qatar,  of the Turkish army, which Erdogan has moved quickly in recent weeks, as well as the intercession of Iran, will keep Saudi Arabia from attempts at intervention to overthrow the ruling regime.

PS. And evidence of recent publications:

1. Kazakhstan has stated that it is not negotiating about sending its forces to Syria Most likely in front of us repeat the history of Hamadan, when the premature leak to the media have hampered the use of Iranian air bases and a few marred Russian-Iranian relations (though not critical). In this case, if progress in this napravlenny will not, will all the blame on the Advisor of Erdogan, who leaked information about these talks in the media.

2. The videos about left in the movie stone about Putin unnamed sources in the Russian defense Ministry announced that the perpetrators cant sit in one of managements of the Main operational Directorate of the General staff. Hardly the theme of the punishment of the guilty will be widely publicized, but one can assume at least a reprimand and reduction in rank for this lapse. In a conscious diversion do not believe.

3. Regarding disputes on the subject of the bombing of a mosque An-Nuri in Mosul After the video undermining the humpback minaret, it became clear that in this case the Americans do not lie, and the propaganda of the Caliphate fills. The explosion apparently was in the nature of “controlled collapse”, so that statements of propaganda “black” – they say, we would never … are trivial lies. This is the question that they are the most faithful Muslims of all Muslims. This does not prevent them to destroy the ancient temple of their own religion.

4. At the troubled history with the alleged downed U.S. drone in the area of Tartus any intelligible comments. But today from the Eastern Mediterranean (from the previously marked area) targets in Eastern Hama ships of the Russian Federation shot “Kaliber”. Triggers as previously carried out submarine “Krasnodar” and the frigate “Admiral Essen”, joined the frigate “Admiral Grigorovich”. “Kaliber” should help the SAA, which is leading the offensive in Eastern Hama in the direction of Akerbat.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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