Metaphysics of money and the dignity of death | ALEXANDER DUGIN

Alexander Dugin

The money is the process of entropy that received the socio-economic expression. Why do people crave is money?
Does money have a secret?
The question, at first glance, is simple: why do people seek for money? Why are willing to give them almost everything or even everything? If we come phenomenologically, we note that the money is not confined to the ability to buy goods or to receive. Those who have the really big money, know clearly, they are much more expensive the fact that they can buy. The intensity of passion or the pleasure of food with the young of the poor sometimes many times more acute than buying the same goods millionaire. The rich man loaded with money, restricted them more and more. He not dispose of them, and they they. And still, why people put up with this slavery of big capital, seek it, desire it more than anything else? Money in our world mean more, than others signs of social stratification – power, prestige, knowledge. Even the axis of happiness often less weak than the money and their specific power. Money more than happiness.

The nature of money to slip away from specifics. Just bought that thing loses by leaving a significant part of its value. It means money does not like the symptoms of the incarnation, they like to remain potential. They first discount the thing into coins, then transferred the coins into bills (debt obligations), then the bills in numerical codes, electronic billing, and, finally, bitcoin or equivalent, a purely virtual currency. Money make all the money (hence the American saying: how much are you worth?), and themselves in the virtual electron cloud.The money is the process of entropy that received the socio-economic expression. Why do people crave is money? It’s not so obvious. To deal with this, it is necessary to carry out several raids in intellectual philosophy, religion, anthropology, and ontology.


There, where the rule of God
Money is an institutional process moderated entropy. The whole chain of this ontological and social entropy, culminating with money and their dominance, is as follows:


God – fully man – flesh man – thing – money – virtual currency is nothing.


Each link corresponds to a type of society.

A society where the rule of God, draws the whole being up stream; it is not entropion. In it for the money do not have a decisive role or are a sign, a symbol of God himself. The distribution of coins is a form of prayer of the Liturgy, reversed. The coin is a symbol among others. But in a world ruled by God, everything is a symbol and nothing is identical with itself.


Full people and their death
A full man is a return process. It comes down to get back up. This principle: man is not physical, but is included in the body. He is in it. And leaves him. Leaves the body, not bodily. His death is a Testament to his nadterechnoi (predalekoy) mental and spiritual nature. Death is the passport return. So the Greeks called “mortal” (θάνατοι) only people. Gods, unlike humans, were immortal, that is eternal and nadterechnyi. The gods do not return, because they did not fall -at least, as low as people in the flesh. And other bodily beings, besides humans, are not mortal, because they do not know death. Their being in the world generates the consciousness of injury, because they are living, not reviving, and dying, unaware, Thuò happening – a little nervous at the last moment, and nothing more (this means that the remote beginnings of consciousness is in them, but the forces of animal and vegetable shower is not enough that the death was the subject of their attention). Only man knows death and has death. Animal death has (instead of they) and they don’t know she always stands behind them, from the rear, it passes through them only outside. And the gods don’t know her and have no death. But they can suffer: one Greek version, souls – tears of the gods.


Full people death because they are not here. They come and go, change and come back.


A society full of people also not gives the money crucial. The coins depict kings and heroes — those who symbolises the return. Kings (Pontifex) over people ascend to heaven, build bridges to the left at the time of the heavenly Homeland. The heroes return to Olympus. Money full of people – signs of the return. This mortal money, reminding that all the decay is only rising and not falling soul (anima stante et non cadente) worthy of glory. Money is the remembrance of death. And to understand their message, is enough to have a small coin, which depicts The Emperor or the head of Hercules. For valuable large coin, however, shows the same thing.


Disabled people and horizons body
Bodily man — the result of entropy is the human valuable. Defective is reduced . This is only part of a person, not even half of it, less. Such a person, but not refundable. The thread binding him with the higher world, are circumcised; it appears here to here to stay. He would be happy to be immortal in the body, but it is not. He ‘s still mortal, and that saves him. It makes him miserable. It keeps it human dignity. Even the most comfortable person will die sooner or later. This he justifies.

Money in society defective bodily people play.ògreater role. They act no longer as a sign of another, but as a representation of this. Money is the measure of the corporeal world. The money occur strictly parallel to the spread in society atomistic beliefs and win in Europe. Disabled people seize power, and then the money starts to play in society a decisive role. The third estate (bourgeoisie) are inferior compared to the first two (the clergy and the aristocracy). As inferior of a bourgeois society. This society bodily. The only human a moment in society disabled people is their mortality. They don’t want to admit it, but the body (their bodies) there is a limit. When they think about it (existentialism, nihilism), they forget about money and go back to the nostalgia of its usefulness. After all, death is the moment of return and the essence of man.


The order of things
Gradually bodily objects in society corporal (defective) people are becoming more Autonomous entities. Physicality is taken as the main sign of the person, little by little, equalizes him with things. So comes the industrial age, Frenesia production. More and more manufactured goods of the person tends to score a gaping hole of his own death. He wants to dissolve the death in the objects in the ocean things. And money becomes a thing, physicality is measured by things, and the measure of things is money, as the essence of physicality.

There is already a faithful and Marxist analysis on reification of man, his alienation in the product, which under capitalism, more and more autonomized. Here is the formula commodity-money-commodity. And people (even defective) lurking over the horizon, comes into the thing. But… it all still mortal. In industrial terms this death industrial way cover is still far off. The roar of factories and the roar of the turbines drowned out the voice of death, but not cancel it. It is the industrial society of advanced capitalism.


From things to capital 

Next step: entropy comes to a new level — money separated from things. Market fundamental balance of supply and demand is erased, the economy is less dependent on the industry, from the things and more money. The new formula companies is money-commodity-money. This is the last stage of capitalism – financial capitalism, bankocracy. There is already relativelayouts things themselves. They become mortal (because previously, they curled up bodily man – so, things are now humanized). Things are dying, only living. They become self-sufficient and absolute. They already don’t depend on any of the items and represent themselves. It is a modern post-industrial society and Postmodern culture. The man disappeared over the horizon, its traces can be found only in perishing things. The domination of capital becomes total.


Nihilistic limit of entropy
The last step — the transition from money to a promise of money (paper notes not backed by gold) and then to the virtual money. This means that the money is detached from any medium, from things. They begin to be themselves. In its purest form.

This process is two-fold: that the money was from the corporeal forms, and, respectively, from physicality, finally dissipates into nothing and the nothing intrudes into the sphere of the human, occupying its core. This man financial, the essence of which – electronic series of numbers, bitcoin human.

It — nihilism Contemporaneo the moment in which we enter. Now already dissolved, in turn, money. It is the death of money, which initially was a symbol of death. The last chord of entropy is the death of death.

But death is death there is immortality. Albeit a very peculiar, but it is the immortality. So, at the end of the process of entropy we encounter immortality. And apparently it will allow us to understand the mystery of money, their true meaning.


Domination of the outcome
Go back a little. A full man is a return to God. To return, it is necessary first to go, and so, in itselfòm – even a full – man is the side of the selection (πρόοδος Neoplatonists), as well as the side return (επιστροφή Neoplatonists). While it is full, return prevails in it. But loses its usefulness, it begins to dominate the outcome. Gone and all. Anywhere, where I live.

This is the way of Satan from Milton, who says: “And for me, it is much better to be a king in hell than servant in heaven.” Satan is in no hurry to return. And the inferior person tries to accommodate in the corporeal world. The only thing that distinguishes it from Satan, that he is mortal. So it still comes back. But if the person prevails in the outcome, he doesn’t want return. He can’t stand more glance at the sky. He drives himself from the thought of his imminent end. So the man gets in the way of war with death. The death of the joyful moment of his return turns into fear and at the time painful reckoning. Full people are returning to it. Defective goes against her nature as a return and starts a war with death.

In the beginning he fights for life, physical life as highest value. Then he feels the limits of life (this coincides with the development of the Land) and begin to create new bodily ensembles – industrial products, cities, cities. Now the promise of immortality given to him in the car, in the office, in medicine, in science and technology. Then he becomes a tool of production (the proletariat) until finally turning into a servant of capital, more and more abstract, virtual, and even stochastic, self-generating (like bitcoin). Man continues to come – a disabled person, in the world of things, money and, finally, in virtuality and nothing. Man goes out, loses its nature (return) persistently beating against the return, insisting on the absolute immanence. So he goes to immortality. A man needs money to buy immortality. Here’s why. And the obsession with the theme of bodily immortality in transhumanism, and the shaft of the growing practice of freezing the sick and the elderly and storing them in special capsules (freezing), and manic anti-aging (aging) – all clear signs of the last phase of the struggle of man with death, that iswith himself, with his higher nature and higher purpose.


The disintegration of the human and the innovation strategy of the devil
Death is the best thing a man can have. This is a sign of his election and dignity. He came here, but he’ll definitely go back. To be mortal — is to have a warranty. What will be the return, all different, but the main thing – there is something in man that will come back. This is his triumph. Man is only to the extent that he is mortal. Struggling with death, man exhausts himself, devastating, deprives himself of the soul and spirit, descends into the body, trying to break into things and then goods prices and finally, on the money to continue to be inside of digital codes and identification numbers, and then disappear into nothing. But this kenosis man is rewarded on every level. Man can attain immortality here and finally break the prospect of a return. He ceases to be man, but gets a chance to stay here forever.

To do this he must make only one gesture to switch places with the devil. The devil is the Prince of this world. He controls the physical world, but, unlike people, he is immortal. He is the one who fell, not refundable. Maybe for infinite eons have passed since the great fall, he has reconsidered his intention? Then he exchanged his immortality for a human death – and, he hopes, will return… Or even more insidious plan: entering the person at the time of his death (return), Satan is planning a new assault of the sky. While he was on earth and under the earth, his power is limited. Mortals slipping away from him (not all though), but… Most importantly he can not death as a Great Return. The devil has no power over what does not belong to him and that is the essence of a person. He knows no return. But the devil is cocky and thinks he can do anything. So he could plot to capture death itself. For this he needs people, mortals.


The gods of matter
This same picture can be described in Neoplatonic terms. Proclus in “Commentary to the Parmenides” speaks of the gods of matter. These gods good, as ensure that the bodily remains in the flesh, as gods the souls (ψυχή) and higher Mind (νοῦς) enforce order in the higher regions. If the gods of matter would not keep the body in the area of the bodily world, the order of the cosmos disturbed. Nobody is against this, except the people. They come in the world of bodies from the top, and are in bodies temporarily. This creates a certain conflict with the gods of matter and their countless helpers –angels matter, matter Daimons, the spirits of matter, etc. Seeing the bodily man, the host of matter holds it in itself, attracts, binds, chains. This corresponds to the good law of matter and are commanded by the gods of telephone All would be right if people were Nude. But they aren’t. So, what compels their gods of matter, is not included in their plans. And the key to this is killing them. Mortals, they carry within themselves a way out, farewell to the gods of matter. They reject the eternity of the here for life There. It is the people – those who reject the eternity here.

So when the world is in the right step of its deployment, collision of persons with the gods of matter similar gamesE. Strong people reject the harassment of the spirits of matter and doing it gracefully and varied. The whole of human culture is a Grand testimony to the heroic austerities. In the center of culture – the triumph of death, leading Way. The gods matter not so much to prevent death (refund), how much is illuminated with a period of time journey of a human soul at the bottom of the universe. They scare and amuse, entice and seduce, and without this the game of shadows the time life would be boring and monotonous. And more importantly, they teach. Comprehending the game of shadows, people turn to samples. So the man is triumphant on this game, in the end, choosing a teacher death.

But when the world goes into a dark phase of human in people is weakening. They start out too seriously take the game of shadows. Dams on this occasion said: the game was taken seriously only toys, not the players. Therefore, the relationship with the gods matter, people change. His own death is given to them with difficulty, and the power of the lords bodies proportionally increases. Gradually, people are going to have to accept the rules of the body spirits and the gods of matter as the only law. Instead, they want a few of immortality. Immortality here. That is, they want to be spirits of matter. The gods of matter – angels and Daimons matter, weigh and determine the parameters of the deal: you give us your mortality, we give you immortality.But what is mortality? This is an opportunity to come back. This is the most valuable thing people have, but which is not the gods and spirits of the elements.

And here is the most basic. Platonism does not allow such transaction on the part of the gods of the earth. They do not need someone else’s place in the world, they are wise and wonderful, and they care about human death, although they know her value. And they are unlikely to prevent people in the area of his immortality. So in the darkest cycles of the cycle should appear other figures.


What lies below hell
This moment of rebellion, spirits of matter against the sky depicted in the ancient myths of the titanomachy. For Neoplatonists, the gods of matter sensible and beautiful as the gods of hell. But the stories of the titanomachy, we see another level of peace, located under hell (Hades). This Is A – Tartarus. These budmaterialy spirits (on which the attention of the Neoplatonists is not stopped) could break up in the corporeal world of the elements to enter into dialogue with the weakened people willing to sell them to their death. And they can pay for it.

Here and there money – as we know them today. Fascinate money, their inner radiance, their attractiveness, their power and magnificence stem from the fact that in the space of money is the transaction of people with the titans. The money the person receives the credit of immortality. This field of selling the soul, contract with the devil. Money is a way to change human mortality in Titanic immortality. It’s a rite of becoming a devil. With the money in person, a dark spirit, and dwells in him. And it overshadows the taste of the material immortality. Everyone now sees the man in the optics of bodily immortality: he sees stringy infinity in every subject, in every state, in every experience, in every action and event. And it starts with a devil to deal with aging as the path to death.

In a society full of people old age is a great time, the flourishing, the eve of the Great Return. There’s nothing more solemn of old age and death. Aging is a triumph of the eternal over the temporal, of the soul over the body.

In a society of diminishing humanity, aging is seen as the impending horror. What the devil hesitates, thinks lady in the Prime of life, introducing another dose of Botox? Youth fashion, which prilezhat retirees from the same series. Not to grow old, to die. And all this in order not to return. Guaranteed to stay here. And in the limit – the new biotechnology, freezing (with the hope of thawing), genetic engineering, creation of mutants, cyborgs and chimeras. Bodily immortality as the horizon entropy. And the environment in which this is happening has a name: money.

Most importantly, the side from the bottom, this will to immortality is noticeable. The titans hear us. The titans all night. From the titans to the humanity in its darkest cycle has its own plans. The titans Wake up. They awaken money. And they are willing to share immortality, if people will enter into their army, intending to storm the heavens.


Rock and Rebellion (death instead of money)
In conclusion, we ask the question: is it possible some other way? It is a rock or have a choice? I believe that rock.


Entropy did not start now. This is not a random deviation history. The world and man appear in the process of the Exodus, cooling. And if the person doesn’t go up, it rolls downhill. When he flies, he falls. The world and the person insolvent and dependent. It is worth to stop for a moment and not move toward the sky, we’ll never know, end up in hell. Sustainability is mere illusory. The world –extremely fragile thing. He froze as a subject only for a while. Previously, he was full of metamorphoses, transformations and miracles. Then in modern times it has become boring and bodily. Now he opens up the bottom, and rent out of him pours the ashes of unfulfilled dreams and imperfect feats. And from the ontological holes in the opposite direction – the rising tribe of the titans. Their name — the capital. And this is not that world. Again there are miracles, but only black. The main miracle is bodily immortality.

We came to that world, where, according to the iron logic of the origin. The benefit of it, as did platonici, or evil, as the Gnostics believed, is an open question. In any case: the fate of the world is the procession, it is the same descent, Untergang. So the point of money, as where the titans come into a deal with the people selling immortal soul for physical immortality, necessary. This eschatological finale. But…

Man is a return, there is returning something. While there he not become in his place the spirit of Tartarus, the human remains possible. And people can always stand on the side of the gods in their battle with the titans. This means that they can remain mortal, can choose death as fate. And can turn away from the material of immortality, saying a deep “Yes” to aging and death, which is the entrance to true life and a Great Return. The rock is, but man can challenge him. The perversion comes into the world, but man is the one who can always reject him. So people can choosedeath instead of money; the return instead of selling the soul; the revolt against the gods of the earth and the Lord of Tartarus is sealed with the blood of the Covenant.

Money is the evil substance. It is not neutral. It in some sense alive, but a dark Titanic life. This is the limit of entropy, but it can seem sweet. So it penetrates us immortal inhabitant of eternal hell. But it is a bitter sweetness, the sweetness of the rock.

A society in which money rules, indeed. This fateful society. Only in a society in which death rules is the Great Return is possible. But as long as there are people, there is a choice. Revolt against the modern world is the gesture of Return. Death is not the price, but the reward.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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