Alexander Dugin speaks in Helsinki Finland | VIDEO & FULL SPEECH


Alexander Dugin lectures in Helsinki 11th April

One of the world’s most influential geopolitical thinkers, Professor Alexander DUGIN (Russia), lectures in Helsinki on April11th from 12:00-14:00 at National Hall (Kansallissali), address: Aleksanterinkatu 44, 2nd floor. Entrance is free of charge for all.

We are proud to invite You to our expert conference titled
Dr. Alexander DUGIN

Professor, political thinker (Russia)

Topic: Russia-West Relations in Multipolar World

Political analyst (Finland)

Topic: EU’s and NATO’s information war against Russia: New Methods and Trends

Presentation of the publication:

EU’s Infowar on Russia – Putting in Place A Totalitarian Media Regime and Speech Control (European Center of Excellence for Counteracting Hybrid Threats, Publication Series No. 1, ISBN 978-952-5412-23-9)
Questions from the audience and discussion.
Place and time:

Kansallissali (Finnish National Hall)

Street address: Aleksanterinkatu 44, Helsinki, 2nd floor, sign “RUSSIA-WEST”

Time: Tuesday, April 11th, 12:00-14:00
The event is open for all and entrance is free of charge.

Please register your participation at: or at Facebook event:

Life in the shadow of ultra-liberal totalitarianism. Alexander Dugin in Helsinki, conclusions

The world-famous political thinker Alexander Duginin the occurrence of Helsinki, 04.11.2017 Hybrid Competence Center opening ceremony of a capacity crowd was a success. There were a large number of diplomats, academics, journalists and other audiences. All did not fit in. Dugin talked for more than two hours of political life of mankind on current trends. A central theme was the role of Russia in the world, as well as a change of liberalism totalitarian system, which is based on the dictatorship of the minority and not the majority and totalitarian terror. Dugin was also interested in the influence of hybrid instruments, and adopted the idea that the EU and NATO projects to limit the freedom of expression and to persecute dissidents meet the requirements of liberal totalitarianism. EU and NATO practiced by the hybrid war has mainly focused on individual persons. EU and NATO’s key objectives is the militarization of the Internet, as well as the military and police Preparing to limit freedom of expression and to persecute dissidents on the internet. Currently Dugin writes mankind civilizations nearly 20-part history. It also includes the study of the ancient stages of the Finno-Ugric peoples. Duginin According to the Finno-Ugric peoples have formed their own unique civilization, which he greatly appreciated. extensive research Duginin the Finno-Ugric peoples is included in his will shortly publish a Finnish book “Finnish idea”. Dugin showed himself to be a major philosophical, political, anthropological and sociological thinker and researcher. He speaks a multitude of languages and a presentation in addition to the English language fluently, for example, in Italian, French and Portuguese. Duginin understanding of Trump’s role in world politics is interesting, because Trump background troops had taken advantage of Duginin “Fourth Political Theory” for its part Trump valtaannostamisessa. the future of the European Dugin said that Switzerland, Finland and Sweden make up the best in this model, as well as brought up by lempikäsitteensä “suomettuminen”. Generally speaking, Dugin keep peaceful co-existence between Finland and Russia as a good example for the rest of the world. The visit focused on many sorts of harassment and provocations testified aptly Duginin theses correct. Timo Soini, Markku Sauli Niinistö Mantila and are supporting projects aimed at political persecution and restriction of freedom of expression allows to manage and control the thoughts of Finns and Finland as soon as possible to make NATO’s attack on base in Russia. Noteworthy is the fact that Soini, Mantilan and Niinistö action is also contrary to science. Dugin and his multidisciplinary approach clearly threaten the EU’s liberal totalitarianism, which does not allow any dissent, neither the freedom of scientific or political teorian- and tahdonmuodostusta and discussion and NATO. In Finland, the government supports mainly unscientific and anti-science “war on science” and related pseudokäsitteitä, such as “information control” by the media actively to spread. Hybrid Center of Expertise will continue to be successful in the next month, when the line is the next topical and interesting guest. Hybrid Center of Expertise in the near future can expand the publishing activities, as well as more distribution diplomatic missions in Finland and outside of Finland. Duginin presentation can be listened in full on the link. Below are also a few interesting video Duginin visit, as well as photographs.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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