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Investigation into the activities of the group “Humpty Dumpty” continues. And open new connection of criminals, including in the highest circles of the Russian elite. Investigation of Constantinople brought us directly to the person previously close to Boris Berezovsky. But first think about the connection between “Saltaev” with another person from the 90’s.

Big ambitions small Scam

It is already known that the leader of the “Saltaev” Vladimir Anikeyev, the beginning of the two thousandth participated in the activities of FEP Gleb Pavlovsky, according to Tjournal. Among his relations – the daughter of the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin Tatyana Yumashev and oppositionist journalist, the daughter of the mayor of St. Petersburg and Senator Lyudmila Narusova, Ksenia Sobchak. According to sources, pulling information from relatives and employees of high-ranking officials, politicians and businesspeople was the corporate reception Anikeeva at the stage of obtaining links.

As you might guess, initially, the main interest Anikeeva was trite money. He bribed or “fascinated” those who have had access to confidential information, watched strong world favorite coffee houses in Ilyinka street (directly on it or around which are located the presidential Administration, the Supreme court of the Russian Federation, chamber of Commerce, the Treasury, Ministry of Finance, CEC…) and with the help of simple technical means extracted the data necessary to it from devices the senior audience.

Then began the banal blackmail. Have Anikeeva and his team had no guidelines, restrictions or preferences, except the size of the purse object. It is clear that someone had to scare by publishing part of the correspondence. This allowed us to kill two birds with one stone – to show the seriousness of its purpose and be of interest to possible purchase of competitors and detractors of a person or structure. Not to Shine the real names, was created by group of hackers – fighters for justice and freedom – “Humpty Dumpty”.

In this legend was the perfect fit and support of rallies on Bolotnaya and other “opposition” activities of the group, and “fight” against bad officials. It is clear that the true purpose of drains was to punish the recalcitrant and intimidate the victims and to attract new customers.

Berezovsky died, but his cause lives – investigation of Constantinople

Mention relations “Humpty Dumpty” and Gleb Pavlovsky may look somewhat unexpected. However, the relationship here can go much deeper, not just to the Russian “non-systemic opposition”, but personally to the late Boris Berezovsky, which Pawlowski was tied up complicated. It showed its own exclusive investigation Constantinople.

Received from our sources of information, with some plums “Saltaev” could be Sergei Sokolov – the owner of the security company “Atoll-1”, the head of security for Boris Berezovsky. Supervisor Sokolova was media Mogul and “Manager” of Boris Berezovsky, Badri Patarkatsishvili, who was also the co-founder of “Atoll”. Sokolov often claimed Association with CDC FSB, them he used to give greater credibility to its new project, the Federal information center “Analysis and security”.FITZ is also involved in various investigations and publishes the dirt. However, the structure is caught in a distortion of the facts and the doubtful nature of some investigations.

Sergei Sokolov

On the trail of the former head of the security Council, Berezovsky came out, when the exchange of information “Humpty Boltaev” there was a lot of worth 10 million dollars. For this large sum offered “talks the SBU and the CIA”, which disclosed that the disaster Malaysian Boeing MH17 was the Americans and the Ukrainians. It turned out that the actual vladeltsem lot is Sergei Sokolov.

In 2015, the falcons began to go to a number of businessmen and political figures, saying that to agree with the “Humpty-Dumpty” on redemption of any within their asparagine information, offering their services as mediator.

Materials Sokolova was used by Dmitry Kiselev in the film about “agent Freedom”, which was the reason for the lawsuit from opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The court Navalny lost, but all the hype has played in favor of the opposition, because the facts of the proposed Sokolov investigation, if true, only partly.

The film was shown on TV channel “Russia-1” April 10, 2016. And after a couple of weeks it became clear what actually was needed in this story. It seems that the material lure of Dmitry Kiselyov, whose mail and correspondence in messengers was hacked and put up for sale on 29 April of the same year… you guessed it – “Humpty-Dumpty”! It turns out that the former head of security for Berezovsky with its structure, including many former employees of power structures, could have with the “Salami” not just communication, but some business together.

Russian hackers internationally

When precisely the activities of the “Saltaev” was joined by the head of the second operational control, CDC FSB Sergey Mikhailov, now finds out a consequence. One thing is clear – instead of carrying out the direct duties, Mikhailov chose to enter into collusion with criminals to extract as material gain and enhance their credibility in the service.

The scheme, which was most likely carried out by an international Scam with the “Russian hackers”, we have already described. The tentacles of the group had already spread very widely, the criminals realized that the promulgation of political scandals and investigations can have far more benefits and consequences, than banal blackmail corrupt, negligent employees, or any unfaithful husbands.

Here the activities of the “Saltaev” connect iDefence and Kimberly Zenz, which, thanks to the “plums” of his accomplices, became the leading Western expert on the “Russian hackers”. The company not only did not hide, but also strongly emphasizes its relationship with us intelligence agencies, what sort of adds to the weight and credibility in the market.And absolutely no matter what, as it turns out after the exposure Mikhailov, most of these stuffing had with reality almost nothing in common, and as the evil hackers of the audience threw “scapegoats” in which Mikhailov was extracted personal information through database services, web wallets, using his official position.

Anyone in this situation did not bother that the rate in this war was Russia’s reputation, its international situation and the sanctions that threaten our country because of the scandal with fictitious Kimberly Zenz and her team under the guidance of Russian colleagues – “Russian hackers”. Overblown media fake threat, by the way, came in the period before and after the presidential elections in the United States. Started plum foreign sources, such as the already mentioned Brian Krebbs, actually made a name and career on the revelations of Russian hackers and a lot of money on the book Spam Nation.

Brian Krebbs

How much rope to be twisted

It is not clear what is allowed, finally, to move this case and to detain people who are not just engaged in dark deeds, but hurt the national prestige of the country, and threatened us with new sanctions and scandals at the state level. Rumor has it that the leak is very angry with someone close to the President officials. That activity “Saltaev” too tight affected the repartition of the market of information security in Russia and put embarrassing questions about the competence or engagement in front of it – market leaders, so they decided to investigate and put an end to all these games.The criminals began to cooperate with the Ukrainian hackers and tried to interfere in the course of the war in the Donbas… In the end, the Russian security services stopped the traitors.

Most likely, participants of this cybersangha summed up the feeling of permissiveness. High patrons abroad, relations with the Russian oligarchy… They and their backers seemed that gaining control over personal data and information of national importance, they will be able to control the world and direct the political process in their desired direction.

Constantinople continues to further the investigation “Saltaev”.

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