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“Humpty Dumpty,” helped the hackers FSB

Install all the participants of the scandalous project succeeded with the help of the telephone, which was used by Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis).

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In 2016, the FSB was the phone that one of the founders of hacker project Vladimir Anikeev bought in Thailand. As told to “Rosbaltu” a source familiar with the situation, despite Lewis security measures and of conspiracy, counterintelligence managed to get access to all accounts and messengers who used Anikeev. The participants of the “Humpty Dumpty”, they control the sites, and the location of the suspects.Moreover, the information, Russia managed to lure three of the members of the project — Vladimir Anikeev, Konstantin Teplyakov Alexander Filinova. They were all detained.

 A 30-year-old citizen of Ukraine Irina Shevchenko (Alice), managed to avoid arrest, who is now in Kiev and wanted. According to the interlocutor of Agency, she worked in Russia as an instructor in the fitness center, which was visited by Anikeev.

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By the time he barely spoke with his wife Zinaida (also a citizen of Ukraine), and he began an affair with Irina. Gradually from girlfriend girl evolved into a partner. She held a notebook in restaurants and cafes where he loved to visit the officials. Was installed on the computer is configured to project specialists equipment that creates falsity and pseudo-Wi-Fi. With it, downloading content from gadgets visitors. Further Anikeev passed his accomplice (Humpty) living in Estonia.And he sought out among the multitude of information received, the one that belonged to the major officials and businessmen. Some of this information was put on sale for bitcoin. Cashing cryptocurrency in Kiev also worked on Alice. Shevchenko often with Anikeyev visited Thailand.


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As for Teplyakova and Filinova, they had the draft aliases March Hare and the Hatter. Two pros, a native of the Russian regions, over time, began to work in St. Petersburg and Moscow. At some point, met them Anikeev. First Teplyakov and Filinov performed for him one job. And then they became participants of the project “Humpty Dumpty”. By the time young people have lived in Thailand, where often, and Lewis. The objectives of the March Hare and the Hatter were part of various technical work, including processing the stolen by Alice of the content to keep accounts of the project.Along the way, they, along with Anikeyev has created a real estate Agency Q Property (Teplyakov was listed as CEO), which was offered for rent and for sale houses and apartments in Thailand.

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The last time Anikeev most of the time spent in Ukraine, where he planned to finally settle down. After the boss about the opportunity to stay in this country also began to think and the March Hare, who are also there often. However, this was prevented by special operation of the FSB, which greatly helped the Thai handset Lewis at the disposal of the security services.

Herman Aleksandrov

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