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Whose interests are behind the allegations of hacking into Yahoo?

Russian hackers again in the spotlight of the US and world press. The Ministry of justice has formally charged four citizens, two of whom are members of the FSB. Acting assistant attorney General Mary McCord was troubled by the fact that under the prosecution were employees of the FSB units (they call it “Division 18”), which went through communication with the FBI on the issue of cybercrime. However, the press conference at which officials announced the charges, looked pretty strange and gave information to a broader reflection than just another piece on the “Russian hackers”.

Again charged with “Russian”

Let’s start with the most simple. The defendants called four people who, in the opinion of American justice involved in the hacking of 500 million accounts of Yahoo. This is the official data, according to unofficial, hacks was two, and the attackers flowed over a billion accounts. All this, of course, could not affect the reputation of Yahoo, but just below.

So, according to investigators, two officers of the FSB hired for this work, two “criminal hackers”. Under the scope got the boxes of high-ranking officials, diplomats, employees of defense agencies, journalists and prominent businessmen, including cybersecurity, both in the USA and in Russia. In addition, was hacked Gmail account those users who pointed out these mailboxes as additional.

The FSB officers accused by the U.S. justice Department are Dmitry Dokuchaev and Igor Sushchyn. For ordering them since 2014 to December 2016 allegedly worked with hackers Alexey Belan and Baratov Karim. The latter was arrested yesterday in Canada, has dual citizenship, Canada and Kazakhstan. It is expected that the partnership was “mutually beneficial” – the special services received closed personal big data citizens and companies (e.g., database of customers and orders) and access confidential correspondence of high-ranking officials, and hackers stole credit cards and digital wallets for personal enrichment.22-year-old Karim Baratova, for example, was owned Mercedes-Benz C54 and convertible, Aston Martin DBS, and sports cars with six-digit price tag in dollars, which he loved to sit in social networks, and which will now be used as evidence.

Literally February 14, he shared “very personal story” in social networks, where he described how “exactly 4 years ago I was expelled from the Institute because I jokingly threatened to kill his friend. Free time allowed me to do their online projects in a mode 24\7 and to triple or even quadruple profits. I could afford to buy a BMW 7 series and to pay fully the mortgage for their first house. And when the time of my exclusion came to an end, I no longer wanted to pursue higher education.So when the rector called me to ask if I learned a lesson, I just told her to ***. The entire instagram “Mr. Karim”, as he calls himself, consists of pictures of gold iPhones, the night life and expensive cars.

22-year-old “hacker” Baratov Karim has a collection of expensive cars

One hundred years in prison for cyber attacks

Arrested Baratova faces in total 39 years in prison on various charges, and the short period of time. The most serious charge which can be up to 20 years in prison, is a “conspiracy of financial fraud associated with the use of telecommunications and information technologies”, aggravated “identity theft”.Dokuchaev, Sumino and Belan in addition charged with “counterfeiting equipment” (15 years), “counterfeit access devices (10 years), “transmission of malicious code” (10 years), “theft of data representing commercial secret” (10 years), economic espionage (15) and a number of other charges – a total of 47 points.

Head of FBI cybercrime Paul Abbott said: “the FBI will continue to work tirelessly with the private sector and international partners to identify those who are conducting cyber attacks against our citizens and our people, exposing them and bringing them to justice in accordance with the law, no matter where they try to escape”. He also said that Washington will demand the extradition of Russian citizens.

 U.S. authorities brought charges of hacking into the servers of Yahoo in 2014 a group of hackers, including citizens of the Russian Federation
U.S. authorities brought charges of hacking into the servers of Yahoo in 2014 a group of hackers, including citizens of the Russian Federation. Photo: Susan Walsh/TASS

Strange inconsistencies and non-random coincidence

It is strange that Mr. Abbott does not know that, for example, Dokuchaev is already detained in Russia and charged with treason, which completely eliminates his extradition foreign law enforcement agencies. Belan, born in Latvia, in General, according to some, does not live in Russia. And in General, the results of Russian citizens in criminal cases in the US are not very practiced.

It is interesting and different. Dokuchaev in Russia, accused of collaboration with the CIA and associated organizations, in particular, the Corporation iDefence, which is a division of Verisign, working closely with the Ministry of defence and foreign intelligence. This brings me back to the idea of a “war of intelligence” – the conflict between the FBI and CIA associated with Donald trump (about this conflict Constantinople wrote earlier).Recall that it worked at iDefense analyst Kimberly Zenz, which, together with the arrested employees of CDC FSB Mikhailov and Dokuchaev actually “created” the myth of the “Russian hackers” and their intervention in the political process in the United States. She Sent lived some time in Russia and have a close relationship with an employee of a commercial firm Mikhailov “Indrik”.

“Mutually beneficial.”

By the way, here we are back to the reputation of the company Yahoo, whose shares have collapsed after a history of break-ins. Cyber scandal has led to the fact that the amount of the deal with U.S. telecommunications company Verizon decreased by $ 350 million. Recall that Verizon is the largest telecommunications company in the United States, according to Edward Snowden, it is actively cooperating with the national security Agency of the United States, and the Verisign provides giant products to protect user data.

The Federal Prosecutor for the Northern district of California (that’s where the case is heard) Brian Stretch, speaking at a press conference on charges of Russian hackers and intelligence services, said that the American company can now count on state aid in the case of hacker break-ins. In fact, this means that the security services can simulate cyber attacks to obtain confidential information of commercial firms, which in the U.S. access of the state is limited and it is difficult.

According to him, Google and Yahoo are working effectively with the FBI and other security agencies by providing them with all necessary information for the investigation. Although the Prosecutor tried to assure that private trade secrets secret services did not even think to climb, believe in it with difficulty. Here is a wide range of functions have “Russian hackers”. Not only the President can “own” supply, but also to give US intelligence agencies access to the Holy of holies of America is a database of major American business.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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