FSB officers arrested are accused of collaborating with the CIA | Interfax


FSB officers arrested were accused of collaborating with the CIA

Head of FSB CDC department Sergei Mikhailov and his deputy Dmitry Dokuchaev charged with treason

Moscow. 31st January. INTERFAX.RU – Arrested on charges of treason and hackers employees of FSB of Russia passed confidential information to the Central Intelligence Agency, told “Interfax” a source familiar with the situation.

“Head of Information Security Center of FSB of the Russian Federation Sergey Mikhailov and his deputy Dmitry Dokuchaev are charged that, in violation of their oath, they began to cooperate with the CIA,” – said one of the interlocutors of the agency.

He did not at the same time specify whether they were acting directly or through intermediaries.

“Only in the case of four people arrested, and as the partners appear to eight charges brought against only four, the others can shake the status of a witness.” – Said the source.

Another source told the agency that “the theme of hacker attacks and betrayal as if stacked on top of each other in the case, but do not cross.”

“Each of the defendants engaged in the business – someone to develop and apply the scheme of cyber attacks, while others collaborated with foreign intelligence services and the directions were parallel and, as a rule, do not cross.”, – Said the source.

The whole group, according to him, bound that they were familiar with each other and were related to IT-technologies and information security.

“And the main thing in this chain was not a senior position and rank,” – said the source.

January 25 it became known that he was arrested the head of one of the divisions of Information Security Centre (CDC) of the FSB Sergei Mikhailov and the head of the investigation of cyber crime, “Kaspersky Lab” Ruslan Stoyanov. According to “Kommersant” newspaper, they are in custody since the beginning of December 2016.

Earlier it was reported that Lefortovo court of Moscow has extended until March 8, the arrest of journalist Vladimir Anikeeva charged with illegal access to computer information, and which, according to the media, organized hacker “Humpty Dumpty” group.

Source of “Interfax” confirmed that the defendants in the criminal case of hacking into the personal accounts of high-ranking Russian officials and prominent businessmen, in addition Anikeeva began five others. Among them already mentioned – one of the leaders of the Center for Information Security of the FSB Mikhailov and his deputy Dokuchaev, and former head of the department of computer incident investigations, “Kaspersky Lab” Ruslan Stoyanov.

The group of hackers calling themselves “Humpty Dumpty” and “Anonymous International”, became known a few years ago. The Group specializes in the interception of correspondence and hacking accounts of high-ranking officials of large companies and the media, and further publication or sale via the Internet of the data.

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