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Today we know that he has been arrested six people involved in the activities of the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty”. Press stuffing into a small “leak” new information about individuals detained or, for example, that victims of hackers have become three dozen high-ranking officials. To give the impression that someone occasionally opens the floodgates of information of the dam, splashing in the little details of the criminal case.

It’s like a special operation, whose goal is to shift the focus: get them to not discuss the “spy” scandal and the “hacker”.

Thereby distracting public attention from key figures in this story — the head of the 2nd operational management information security Center (Tsib) of the FSB Colonel Sergei Mikhailov, in respect of which a criminal case under article 275 of the criminal code (high treason) and “accomplice” Mikhailov — senior officer of the 2nd operational Department of CDC FSB of Russia General Dmitry Dokuchaev.

While almost all other defendants are charged with article 272 of the criminal code (illegal access to computer information), the maximum penalty for which is “only” seven years of imprisonment. And really, where is the blackmail of officials, and where’s the treason?

While in Russia to discuss the activities of the “Humpty Dumpty”, in the United States are increasingly talking about the “spy” part of the arrest, the CIB officers of the FSB and the group of hackers.

Brian Krebs (Brian Krebs) is the leading expert on cybercrime, 2005, is a leading Security Fix column in the Washington Post, author of the blog KrebsOnSecurity.com about computer security, which audience exceeds one million readers commented on the scandal and hinted that Sergei Mikhailov was one of his sources give him thousands of confidential documents on cyberdemon in Russia. And these documents formed the basis of the book Spam Nation Krebs, who became a U.S. bestseller.
Krebs said that about the machinations of Sergei Mikhailov and Ruslan Stoyanov knew even 5 years ago. Stoyanov to employment in the “Kaspersky Lab” was the owner of the company “Indrik” and specialized on DDOS attacks and protection from them. “Indrik” and Stoyanov personally had close contact with Kimberly of Zinc — known analyst on cybercrime, working on the “Russian front” in the company iDefence (which, in turn, belongs to the infamous Verisign actively cooperating with us intelligence agencies).

But what is not written Brian Krebs. If the partner Stoyanova in “Indrik” and his close friend, Dmitry Levashov, who was a civilian husband of Kimberly Zenz. It is through Levashova and Stoyanov of Zinc allegedly received information first from Mikhailov, and then from Dokuchaeva, with whom she was acquainted Stoyanov.

And, probably not coincidentally Kimberly Zenz was the first who spoke of “Russian cybermafia”, back in 2007, provoking the interest of the Western press to the St. Petersburg company Russian Business Network (RBN), to provide the hosting services. For the amount of $ 600 per month RBN provided to the customer a dedicated server and provided any technical assistance. In October 2007, the Washington Post published an article resonance, in which the Russian Business Network was accused of promoting the phishers, spammers and other cybercriminals. The publication was given the following example: only one of the phishing groups operating through the Russian Business Network, stole about 150 million U.S. dollars.

After the publication of the Washington Post the Russian Business Network stopped working. “Closed” company is now arrested Sergei Mikhailov.

One of the key newsmakers of the publication in addition to Kimberly Zenz was a man of Dmitry Alperovich, who left Russia in the mid-2000s and settled in the United States. In September 2016 it Alperovich, the incumbent technical Director for CrowdStrike, he was the first who accused Russian hackers associated with the secret services, in a hacking attack on the servers of the National Committee of the US Democratic party and stealing confidential documents, among which was allegedly and records on Donald trump.

Our sources confidently assume that the officers of CIB Mikhailov and Dokuchaev had contact not only with Zinc, but with Alperovich.

But that’s not all. A few years ago when a certain large Russian IT company there was a “misunderstanding” with the Deputy head of CIB, the security service of commercial structures began to collect “compromising” on Mikhailov. As told us a source working in the company, retired senior officers of the SVR, FSB, MVD, worked on it, the work was approached professionally. In particular, they found that Mikhailov is originally from Belarus, arrived in Russia in the mid-90s (and then, as you know, chaos in the security services was terrible), took Russian citizenship.

Security of the IT companies have decided to inquire about childhood and adolescence Mikhailov, went to Belarus and found no evidence that Mikhailov was actually born and raised in Belarus. Had a suspicion that the tiger may not be Mikhaylov?

Realizing that went too far, retirees of the security services to continue to “dig” did not, only made a reference about my “discovery” and took it to the FSB.

When two independent from each other sources said the version that the “spy” article Mikhailov is charged with because he may just be introduced in FSB employee of a foreign intelligence service, I asked the apparently obvious question:

— No intelligence in the world will not allow your agent to do the “muddy” things that can bring it under failure, and communication with Mikhailov’s “Humpty-Dumpty” is very muddy.

The answer seemed logical to me: if Stirlitz German leadership was instructed to turn the “muddy” operation, it would not have been able to Dodge. Charging Mikhailov the development of “Humpty Dumpty”, and then, perhaps, and coordination of information theft, the FSB could not guess, who will carry out such a sensitive operation.

If you have a base version that the Deputy head of CDC FSB — agent of foreign intelligence, he’d make a good “exchange material”. In social networks of USA is already discussing a theoretical possibility of exchange of Sergei Mikhailov, for example, a Russian citizen Viktor bout, who is serving in the US 25-year prison sentence for arms trafficking.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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