Possible connection Gref bank and the hackers from “Humpty Dumpty”

Блогеры узнали о возможной связи Грефа с хакерами из “Шалтай-Болтая” https://z5h64q92x9.net/proxy_u/ru-en.en/tsargrad.tv/news/2017/02/01/blogery-uznali-o-vozmozhnoj-svjazi-grefa-s-hakerami-iz-shaltaj-bolta

Today a meeting of the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and the head of Sberbank German Gref. Because of blogs with links to informed sources, the conversation at the meeting will focus on relations Sberbank employees with hacker group “Humpty Dumpty”, a matter in respect of which the FSB is investigating.

Employees of the savings Bank of Russia may be involved in the case of the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty,” which is now being investigated by the FSB. How to write Network-informed bloggers, the situation is so acute that may be the subject of an unpleasant conversation affected by the actions of “Saltaev” Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the head of Sberbank German Gref.

The meeting between the Prime Minister and the head of SB must pass today. According to bloggers, one of the topics of conversation can become when people SAT with a group of hackers “Humpty Dumpty”, which became known from the investigation of the FSB. “But Lady shaltaeva much revealed. I feel that the conversation will be eye to eye, eyes on the floor,” writes one user.

Earlier it became known about detention of the Deputy head of the Center for information security of the FSB Sergei Mikhailov, who is accused of treason. According to some, he’s been trying to acquire from Sberbank’s customer base, which was to become the basis for Russia’s largest deep web-database aimed at the manipulation of public consciousness.

Interviewed by “Constantinople” experts do not exclude that the implementation in Russia of such technology was conducted with an eye to the presidential elections in 2018, and was under the control of the CIA, in contact with which just suspected “Altai”.

Подробнее: Блогеры узнали о возможной связи Грефа с хакерами из “Шалтай-Болтая” https://z5h64q92x9.net/proxy_u/ru-en.en/tsargrad.tv/news/2017/02/01/blogery-uznali-o-vozmozhnoj-svjazi-grefa-s-hakerami-iz-shaltaj-boltaja

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