Of the brotherly country | Colonel Cassad




Miracles in the Persian Gulf continue. Qatar, which a few years ago, Tehran has directly accused of aiding terrorism and having links with Israel http://inosmi.ru/world/20120821/197009587.html now turned into a “brotherly state”.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said the Emir of Qatar to TA’mim bin Hamad al-Thani, Iran is unacceptable blockade Qatar by Arab countries and is ready to support it.

Blockade of Qatar is not acceptable to us. Air, land and Maritime space of our country is always open for Qatar as a brotherly neighbouring state”, – quoted by Iranian news Agency IRNA, the statement in Hassan Rouhani held a telephone conversation the two leaders.He said: “Tehran is on the side of the people and government of Qatar. We believe that in the case of conflicts between the countries of the region, the pressure, threats and sanctions are not the right way to resolve differences.” For its part, as reported by the satellite channel “al-Mayadin”, the Qatari Emir said that he was ready to cooperate with Iran to resolve regional conflicts.

http://www.interfax.ru/world/568022 zinc

PS. It’s just still a red rag to the Saudis. Moreover, the ultimatum was rejected, and publicly fraternizing with Iran, and refuse to remove Turkish troops from their territory. This must have something to do, but that’s exactly what the Saudis yet I can not decide – attack on Qatar is fraught with the entry into the conflict of Iran and Turkey, the political and economic blockade obviously is not complete, to intimidate the Qatari Emir also did not work, as it fit quite a serious force.USA occupy a dual position, calling on the one hand to punish Qatar, but on the other hand, calling on the parties to show restraint, as it is quite obvious that the conflict in the territory of Qatar endanger the largest US base in the region. Although in the case of the development of the real “Qatari-Iranian brotherhood”, these risks may find acceptable. It is more likely that the Saudis and co. will look into the power mechanisms of the elimination of the current Qatari regime headed by the Emir, which from their point of view lost coast. Funding of the IG and “al-Qaeda” could continue to turn a blind eye, but for messing with Iran and Turkey, retribution must follow. Another issue that is not at all clear exactly how Qatar will be able to stall in order to show all the other monarchies of the region, what happens with the lost sheep, which exchanged the usual shepherds to wolves.

Well, briefly about the other, now the “fraternal” country.

With the help of Qatar, Erdogan has partially solved the problem of his ill-fated tomatoes, sending back a few thousand tonnes of humanitarian aid.

Also, the Turkish media reported that Erdogan plans to bring a contingent of Turkish troops in Qatar to 1000 people with light armored vehicles. This has already caused hysteria among neighbors. Bahrain directly accused Qatar that he has the case to military escalation in the region. Erdogan has sent critics the forest and refused to withdraw its troops. Announced also the new teachings of Turkish and Qatari troops as a power demonstration for Saudi Arabia.

In General, fighting in the collapsing camp of the anti-Assad coalition promises to be very interesting.


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