Assad in Hama | Colonel Cassad



Assad’s visit to Hama, which a few months ago was the target of the General offensive fighters of Idlib.

There is something to smile. So well in recent months, things had been a long time did not go. And even the antics of the US and Israel not too overshadow the favorable development of strategic operations, which return control of Damascus, a huge territory.

In the South there is an active advance along the Syrian-Iraqi border to the Euphrates. The Americans sit at Tanf, but do not actively engage the SAA and Iranian “proxies”.

In Raqqa the SAA is close to solving the problem by cutting off its ledge between Maskanah and Tabqah. Closing of the pincers and digestion of the boiler can be expected within a week.

The raqqa they obviously will not let the Kurds have almost solved the problem classes of the South Bank of the Euphrates in the area of Raqqa, so to pick out militants from the ruins of the city they have.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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