ISIS driven from Aleppo and encircled by Syrian Arab Army

Militant fighters of the Islamic State group (ISIS) have withdrawn from Aleppo province amidst advance by Syrian government’s army forces, local sources reported on Friday.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) – led by the elite Tiger Forces – has expanded its zone of control over the entire Ethiryah-Rusafa highway and de facto besieged any ISIS forces that may have not yet retreated from the region of Khanasser.

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The Liberation Of Mosul | Colonel Cassad

However, it is understandable why the Iraqis are ready to share the joy. For them, the capture of Mosul is the end of a long blood test and the hard-won victory, which has long been waiting for the exhausted people of Iraq. The lesson of the ruins of the mosque of al-Nuri is a very symbolic moment for the war against the Caliphate in Iraq – the Iraqi army came to the place where the Caliphate as a state. And now, she is actively involved in its liquidation.It is quite obvious that they really want to declare victory, so are more in a hurry, although the final outcome of the battle has long been obvious – the tenacity of fighters only prolonged the resistance, but couldn’t change the determined outcome.

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Identity and Sovereignty – Two Inseparable Notions | Alain de Benoist

One mustn’t forget, moreover, that a European sovereignty could very well exist, even if today it’s only a dream. The tragedy, from this point of view, is not that nation-states have lost whole segments of their sovereignty (political, economic, budgetary, financial, and military), but that it has been lost itself in the black hole of Brussels based institutions without ever having reached a higher level.

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Seymour Hersh on Trump and Syrian Chemical Attacks

It was a laser-guided bomb that the Russians supplied to Syria. We had the intelligence of a meeting and we planned for it, we planned for it days in advance. It was coordinated very carefully. Everybody: us, the UK, the NSA, the CIA—everybody knew there was going to be a meeting there. In fact Russia even contacted our intelligence people, our CIA through a liaison I guess (I don’t know how), that there was going to be a secret meeting and if we had an asset there, if there was somebody we owned at that meeting, get him out of there because it’s going to be hit.

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