Turkish Army offensive to begin this weekend | AMN


Turkish Army offensive to begin this weekend to expel Kurds from northern Aleppo

Chris Tomson

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (10:00 P.M.) – New reports regarding a massive Turkish Army build-up in northern Aleppo have emerged after military sources confirmed to local outlets that a large-scale offensive was brewing, aimed at driving the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) out of the Efrin region.

Two days ago, Al-Masdar News revealed that dozens of Turkish tanks were pouring into the northern rebel-held countryside of Aleppo while artillery units had already begun a barrage on SDF frontline villages.

Although other NATO allies are opposed to any such aggression, the Turkish Armed Forces hope to smash through some 30 kilometers of Kurdish-held territory and build a corridor between the northern Aleppo pocket and Idlib rebel heartland.

According to a Turkish military source speaking to a local outlet, the primary targets of the invasion will be Menagh Airbase, Tall Rifaat and Efrin city itself.

Yesterday, the US Army patrolled the northern Raqqa border town of Tall Abyad amid fears that a second Turkish offensive was to begin there.

Click here for a full map of the region.

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