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On June 28-30, another missile firing in the Eastern Mediterranean was announced (see point No. 11). Apparently, there will again be launches of “Kaliber” to support the advance of the SAA in Eastern Hama and in the province of Raqqaa.

So tomorrow or the day after tomorrow in the morning you can expect new missile strikes.

It is also worth noting that according to social networks, information is spread that Turkey is starting an offensive against the Afrin Kurds. Probably there are in view of the attack of pro-Turkish militants on the front at Tal-Rifat, which will be supported by Turkish artillery, tanks and automatic control systems, as well as shelling of the territory of Afrin.

One of the possible variations of the Turkish offensive. A strike from the Azaz-Mare region with the goal of liquidating the Kurdish gut with a base in Tal Rifat.

In the evening, Turkish ACS (a battery of 155-mm howitzers “Firtina”) fired the PYD camp in Africa.

Perhaps, the revival in Turkish social networks is caused precisely by this shelling, although signs of the concentration of Turkish armored vehicles against the Afrinian Kurds have been fixed for quite some time.

Whether the Turks will decide on a full-scale attack of the Afrin Kurds, or everything as usual will be reduced to numerous petty provocations, we will see in the coming days.





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