Resafa and Suwayda | Colonel Cassad

On the one hand, you can not hurry with Deir-ez-Zor and move to the oasis Sukhna North, with the intent of connecting with a group of the SAA in the district of Arak. Thus, when connecting the Syrian troops in the oasis of Sukhna, all that will be West of the point of contact of the advancing troops, in fact will be in a huge pot, and will be cut off from the rest of the territory of the Caliphate and most importantly, from the reinforcements from the province of Deir ez-Zor and from Anbar province in Iraq.

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Another Islamic State | Colonel Cassad

Militants from the boiler to the West of Mosul announced that they have separated from the Islamic State and announced the creation of an independent state with its capital in Tal Afar. Unrecognized terrorist state separated from an unrecognized terrorist state. Just remembered the end of the Third Reich and the attempt at the very end of its history on the ruins of the collapsed Empire to establish a government led by Admiral Karl Dönitz in the capital city of Flensburg.

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