“Hurricanes” near Arak | Colonel Cassad

Taking into account the fact that another “ceasefire” has begun and some forces will be thrown from the calmed fronts to finish the Caliphate, we can expect intensification of efforts in East Homs, Eastern Hama and towards Deir-ez-Zor. It is also noted that the frigate Admiral Essen, who came recently to Sevastopol to the place of permanent basing, has already left for a campaign against the shores of Syria. In the near future, significant changes can be expected on the Syrian fronts.

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A false start | Colonel Cassad

The Prime Minister of Iraq, arrived in Mosul said that Mosul is completely liberated from the Caliphate, and the battle for Mosul is completed.

This is not true – the militants continue to hold a small part of the old city on the Western Bank of the Tigris, where they continue to resist the Iraqi army and police. It is clear that there is not much time left, and desire of Iraqis to kill militants in Mosul, obviously, but from a formal point of view, the battle is not over yet and today we are witnessing the second false start with the celebration of the liberation of Mosul – the previous one was on 29 June. However, the end of the battle of Mosul is not far away.

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Tillerson disappointed | Colonel Cassad

It is difficult to say what is expected of the new US plenipotentiary representative for Ukraine, it is obviously a transfer-communicative link in the relations between Washington and Moscow. Previously, this role played Nuland, now it was replaced by Volcker. Nuland and Volker are not sympathizers of the Russian Federation and are, in fact, representatives of those circles who stood for organizing a coup d’état in Ukraine. It is extremely unlikely that the replacement of personalities here will affect something, because the contradictions here are of a strategic and ideological nature.

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The beginning of the US-Russian truce | Colonel Cassad

The truce is of course will not stop the war, and will be another temporary backup as long as there are no long-term agreements on the future of Syria. Real negotiations on the future of Syria between the major coalitions and their fellow travelers will start after the Caliphate is defeated and the boundaries of the spheres of influence of the parties are determined, which will become a platform for talks on the Syrian settlement and the interests of the major participants in the war, or serve as starting positions for the next phase of the war, without the Caliphate.

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