Hama, Homs, Raqqa. 11.07.2017 | Colonel Cassad

The concentration of reserves for an attack on the position of the Caliphate in Eastern Hama and Eastern Homs is the logical consequence of not too successful attempts to directly break the defense of militants in the direction of Akerbat. Unlike high-profile successes in the South of Syria, here the pace of progress is low, the enemy has organized and effective resistance, good use of terrain and tactics of mobile groups to organize a chilling action. The forces that were concentrated in the Eastern Hama in may 2017, was obviously insufficient for the solution of operational tasks that demanded as the transfer of additional forces withdrawn from the Western areas of Raqqa province, and the Russian air support, which should facilitate the solution of command problems.

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The death of a man-myth | Colonel Cassad

In the end, the Caliphate and Baghdadi himself reaped the fruits of its policy 2014-2015. Refusing to act pragmatically and focusing on their inhuman understanding of Islam, they put a barrier in the way of ISIS to the evolution into a full-fledged state. The project was not able to reach the next stage (mainly because of military defeat) and today, when to report the death of Baghdadi, we see the process of its dismantling – ends the battle for Mosul, surrounded by the capital of the Caliphate, black loses territory in Syria and Iraq.

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Confirmation | Colonel Cassad

The militants of banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” confirmed the death of its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This was announced by the Iraqi channel al- sumaria, citing a source. According to him, the militants announced a successor, but did not name his name. The source believes that the statement about the death of the leader was expected after the lifting of the ban on talking about the death of al-Baghdadi. On behalf of the militants of the successor called for the rejection of strife and stability.

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